L.A. County Sheriff Rebuffs Los Angeles' Mandatory COVID Regime After Disturbing Information Arises

The Los Angeles County Sheriff has put out a letter stating that his department will not be working with the company hired by Los Angeles County to enact a mandatory regime of COVID-19 testing and registration. That came after disturbing information arose on the background, policies, and connections of the firm hired to facilitate the program.


Per Bill Melugin, Fulgent Genetics not only has links to the Chinese per an FBI briefing given to Sheriff Alex Villanueva, but they have a public disclaimer warning that they share information with foreign entities.

Los Angeles County had previously mandated registration with Fulgent Genetics, citing it as part of a “vaccine passport” system applying to all public employees. As the second letter above indicates, threats of termination have followed that mandate. Yet, their own website warns that they “may store, process, and transmit personal information in locations around the world, including locations outside the country or jurisdiction where you are located.” Further, it encourages people to not register with Fulgent Genetics if they wish to avoid that happening.


There are obviously some big privacy issues at play here regardless, but most concerning are this company’s connections to the Chinese. Do we really want the personal information of law enforcement officials possibly being shared with the communists in charge of the top US adversary? What could possibly go wrong, right?

Those concerns left LASD no choice but to defy the county and pursue their own systems to test for COVID-19. Villanueva has butted heads with leadership in the past, refusing to enforce mask mandates, calling them “unscientific.” He’s also directly combated the harmful, radical policies of LA District Attorney George Gascón. We’ll have to see how Los Angeles County officials respond to being rebuffed yet again.


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