Ted Cruz Takes Ownership of DHS Secretary Mayorkas After Incredibly Revealing Exchange

Erin Scott/Pool via AP

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared on Capitol Hill today to testify on the ongoing border crisis. That followed the recent news that over 164,000 illegal immigrant encounters happened in the month of October alone. Amazingly, that astronomical number actually represented a decrease from the month of September. Further, 29% of those encountered were repeat offenders, which offers evidence of how bad the messaging from the White House is on enforcement.


While giving testimony, Mayorkas ran into a brick wall once Sen. Ted Cruz started his questioning. The exchanges were entertaining from a political perspective, but more importantly, they offered some incredibly revealing moments that show just how maliciously incompetent the Biden administration is.

Take a minute and just think about the absurdity of Mayorka’s inability to answer basic questions. Perhaps you could overlook him not knowing how many have died or have been sexually assaulted. After all, those are numbers that would largely rely on reporting from other illegal immigrants. Yet, to not know how many criminals or COVID-positive illegal immigrants have been let into the interior is unacceptable. What that shows is that there is a complete lack of vetting going on.

With the widespread availability of testing and the constant hysteria from the federal government regarding the coronavirus, there is no excuse to not have the numbers on how many illegal immigrants have tested positive after coming across the border, much less not having totals on those who are detained and then released. Past that, criminal history should be a priority and easily attainable, and if someone has no identification, then they should not be released. This all would seem like common sense to the layman, but that’s an elusive thing to this ridiculous failure of an administration.


Cruz continued his questioning by then hitting Mayorkas on the treatment of children, something that was a hot topic under Donald Trump but has since become that which is to not be discussed.

The current administration simply does not get to have it both ways. Joe Biden and his handlers spoke out forcefully about “kids in cages” when they were targeting Trump politically. Now, the shoe is on the other foot, and though some of the aspects of detaining children are not necessarily their fault, they get to own every ounce of the blame. That’s the standard they put forth, and I’m of no mind to change it given the circumstances.

In summation, the border crisis, as bad as it already appeared, is even worse than we thought. DHS is being run by a buffoon who can’t manage basic aspects of his job, either because of his own incompetence or because the White House is handcuffing him. And honestly, I’m not really that concerned with the reason when the results are so damning. If Mayorkas is truly being sandbagged, he should speak out and show some integrity. That he won’t do so means he gets no pass for his failures.



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