UPDATE: New Video Points to ‘Confederate’ at Youngkin Rally Being Another Democrat Scam

UPDATE: New Video Points to ‘Confederate’ at Youngkin Rally Being Another Democrat Scam
Supporters gather at Glenn Youngkin's final rally before Virginia's 2021 gubernatorial vote (Credit: Glenn Youngkin)

As Glenn Youngkin has gained more ground in Virginia, the attacks against him have gotten more desperate. That culminated in a ridiculous attempt late last week by Democrat operatives carrying tiki-torches to paint Youngkin as a white supremacist. The Lincoln Project eventually took credit for the stunt and promised to keep doing what they were doing.

So did they make good on that promise?

Last night, the media ran with another probable racial hoax involving Glenn Youngkin. A man wearing a denim jacket with a confederate flag on the back was photographed at Youngkin’s final rally by multiple “journalists,” all taken at perfect angles where you couldn’t try to identify who it was.

Yet, a new video sheds light on who the person may have been and casts further doubt on the idea that this was an actual Youngkin voter.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but what you see is the man walking around the crowd, seemingly purposely letting others get in front of him. He then positions himself right in front of the press. At that moment, his partner, the woman in the black cowboy hat, comes from the complete opposite direction and hurriedly stands beside him. After a few pictures are taken, the man then walks away with another coat in his arm, which he likely wore to cover up the confederate patch until it was time to flaunt it for the media. Once the deed is done, he bails.

Yes, I’m speculating, but I’d bet a lot of money this was another paid Democrat operative. Everything about him is just too convenient. The flip of his mullet, the brand new cowboy hat, the denim jacket that looks like he just bought it yesterday, and the stereotypical way in which he lit a cigarette up in the crowd. The entire thing sure looks like some left-winger’s caricature of a racist redneck.

None of that stopped the media from running with it anyway. While you see them snap pictures in the video, none of them attempt to question the man or get any details about what they are photographing. Instead, they were more than happy to launch another context-less smear against Youngkin. The mainstream media truly are terrible.

Regardless, this entire spectacle was incredibly weak. I refuse to believe this is the best that Democrats can come up with. But maybe I’m giving them too much credit?

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