Delusional Insanity Flows Like Cheap Wine at House Energy Hearing

Tom Williams/Pool via AP

Things got crazy on Capitol Hill this week. While most people were focused on AG Merrick Garland being thoroughly exposed by Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz over on the Senate side, a House committee was busy grilling energy executives. What followed was delusional insanity that flowed like cheap wine at a mid-level rapper’s house party.


When I say things were nuts, I’m not just exaggerating. This was some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever seen uttered by politicians during a hearing, and I was alive for the Brett Kavanaugh spectacle. RedState’s Mike Miller covered Cori Bush’s bonkers commentary about oil companies being tools of white supremacy. It went much further than that, though.

Katie Porter actually loaded up her car with rice to go on this looney-toons rant about oil and gas leases.

Can we just start by asking why this ridiculous House member is not in Washington asking these questions in person? She’s vaccinated, as is everyone else on the committee as far as I can tell. There is no excuse for her to be appearing via Zoom at this point in the pandemic when she’s paid to show up and do an actual job. If she’s truly worried about her risk from COVID-19, there are some other things she should probably focus on.

Regardless, Porter is clearly someone who has no idea about the things of which she speaks. One, I’m not sure what the heck dumping rice out on the ground is supposed to symbolize. But two, oil and gas leases are not dependent on total acreage as she asserts. Rather, they depend on market price and whether it is profitable to drill. If it’s not, those leases are allowed to lapse. Her snarling accusation about oil companies having leases that total New York and New Jersey is irrelevant.


That’s what makes the entire thing so ironic. This clip went viral on the left under the guise of Porter supposedly owning the oil executives by showing them that she’s not misinformed. Yet, her entire rant is clear evidence that she is, in fact, completely misinformed.

Things weren’t done yet, though. Rashida Tlaib went even more twilight zone.

I honestly have no idea what she’s talking about either. I can’t find any reference to her claim. Maybe one of our stalwart “fact-checkers” can look into it?

What gets me the most about these moments of silly grand-standing from far-left Democrats is that they say all this stuff while enjoying the fruit of what they despise. Katie Porter would not be able to appear via Zoom or drive the car she loaded up with rice without oil companies providing the energy necessary. Rashida Tlaib is speaking through a sound system and using a computer, neither of which would be possible without fossil fuels. I also don’t see either of them stumping for more nuclear power.


Wind and solar power are simply not viable at a large-enough scale to power the entire world. Those energy sources also have many drawbacks, including for the environment, that never seem to get mentioned. And while these spoiled Washington apparatchiks might not care, normal Americans are being crushed by high energy prices driven by their chosen policies. No one should forget that going into the next election. Do you want these people to continue running things?


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