You Can Smell the Fear as Terry McAuliffe Doubles Down on Lie About COVID and Children

Terry McAuliffe is terrified he’s going to lose Monday’s election. That was the message I got last night watching him awkwardly dance on stage while having Joe Biden fumble around in all his senility.


Less than a month after admitting the president isn’t popular in Virginia, a desperate McAuliffe has decided to go with a “kitchen sink” strategy. A man without options, that meant doubling down on an easily disproven lie regarding children and COVID-19. In fact, McAuliffe had just been fact-checked in the days prior to repeating the falsehood. Still, he made the claim again to a lagging rally crowd last night.

When you are staring defeat in the face, I guess there’s no incentive to not throw honesty to the wind. McAuliffe has made this false assertion multiple times now, even being contacted by The Washington Post to explain the discrepancy. Despite that, he got on stage last night and did it again.

So what are the real numbers? 1,142 matches none of them. Over the course of the pandemic, there have been 952 total children under 17 in the hospital due to COVID-19. On the day McAuliffe claimed there were 1,142 currently being treated, there were actually 35. Further, he has also lied in the past about case numbers, claiming 8,000 on a day that actually only had around 2,000. In other words, no matter how you slice it, McAuliffe’s claims can not be squared with reality.


But again, that shows the fear he’s operating under. When you can’t beat Glenn Youngkin on the issues and you can’t take him down by trying to link him to Donald Trump, the last resort is COVID hysteria. Well, that and claiming voter suppression. McAuliffe is banking on left-leaning individuals responding to the fear he’s pushing, not realizing that nothing he’s saying is even true. That’s probably not a bad bet if his goal is to juice NOVA Democrat turnout in a year that the Republican seems to otherwise have all the enthusiasm.

Whether this latest ploy will work or not will be answered soon enough. With the election next week and early voting already making up a sizable portion of ballots cast, the cake is likely already baked. Will there be enough of a shift to hand Youngkin a ground-shaking victory? I don’t know, but I do know that McAuliffe has been thoroughly exposed, and unless he comes close to Biden’s 2020 margin, the results of this election will spell bad news for Democrats going forward.


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