The Dangerous Reality of the Left's Hysteria Over 'Democracy'

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You can go all the way back to 2016 and find members of the left proclaiming that “democracy” is nearing its end. At the time, their reasoning was that Donald Trump would appoint himself king for life and send Democrats off to camps. That, of course, didn’t happen because it was always a ludicrous contention.


Yet, the hysteria has only grown since then, with it truly going mainstream in 2021 following the events of January 6th. It is now common for well-known Democrats, up to and including the President of the United States, to assert that democracy is nearing its end. That is, unless you give Democrats everything they want. Then — and only then — can democracy be pulled back from the edge and saved. Convenient, right?

Still, the meltdown continues. Here’s Joy Reid asserting that democracy could end as soon as next year.

It is profoundly gross and dangerous for so many on the left to continually tell their fellow Americans that democracy can only exist if one side of the political aisle is totally defeated. And it’s gotten to the point where I don’t think they mean just at the ballot box anymore.

There’s a big difference between asserting a group is a threat politically, i.e., they prefer different policies vs. saying they are a threat to democracy. The latter serves as a green light for all tactics, including violence, to defeat one’s opponents. After all, if the country itself is at risk of collapse, what’s a few dead Republicans to ensure that doesn’t happen? That’s not me saying that. That’s the message Democrats are sending by spewing their nonsense on their followers.


Besides, none of this makes sense anyway. Democrats are the ones wanting to blow up the filibuster, pack the courts, and in some cases, abolish the US Senate. Meanwhile, Republicans want to…win elections legally. Really, that’s the grave threat the GOP actually poses. They aren’t trying to change the system, they aren’t trying to cheat their way to power, and they aren’t looking to herd Democrats into camps. They are just trying to win elections to pass tax cuts and other boilerplate policies.

That reality doesn’t matter to the mentally ill, though, and I truly believe people like Joy Reid are suffering from paranoid delusions. If the GOP takes back the House next year, our system of governance will not suddenly cease to exist the next day or any day after that. Rather, what these people think is that our nation can not survive without their utopian ideals being put in place. Even more dangerous, they believe they are anointed to “protect” the nation by any means necessary. That’s incredibly arrogant, and it’s also throwing gasoline onto the fire of a left that already believes everything is justifiable to get their way.


Right now, their tactics mostly center on blowing up the long-standing institutions of our republic. But it’s a short walk from there to violence when Democrats so often preach absolute doom if Republicans dare to win elections. Just look at what’s happening in places like Portland. Keep feeding that alligator and it will eventually break out of its urban cage.

Democrats don’t seem to care, though. They are content to drive the nation into total darkness, consequences be damned.



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