Jill Biden Makes an Inconvenient Admission and Shows Her Disconnect

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Jill Biden was in Kansas today to pander at a non-profit school that caters to the Latino community in the area. Participating in what she repeatedly described as a “charla,” which is simply Spanish for “chat,” the First Lady made a rather inconvenient admission, at least insofar as her husband’s administration goes.


When speaking on the predominant views of government, Jill Biden admitted that many have a negative view of it.

On its own, this is hardly groundbreaking stuff. Obviously, many people don’t like the government, but what I found most interesting about Jill Biden’s comments is that she believes all this is simply a messaging problem, and I think such a view speaks to a larger philosophical battle at play.

Perhaps the most pervasive delusion on the left is the idea that people love their policies but that they just aren’t aware of them. We saw this during the Obamacare debate over a decade ago, where the government blew millions of dollars in taxpayer money to lift the image of the Affordable Care Act. That effort largely failed because the push was based on the false premise that people just needed more information in order to fall in love with the Democrat vision.


That’s never been true, though. The reason government is viewed so negatively is that the government is a soul-sucking leech that steals peoples’ money to blow it on utopian ideals that never pan out. This is what Jill Biden misses when she insists that she just needs others to get the message out about the Biden administration. The word is already out, and people are not happy with the results.

No one cares about the American Rescue Plan or the president’s Build Back Better propaganda when they are paying $4.00 a gallon for gas and their grocery bill has risen precipitously because of inflation. They don’t care about those things when the stock market continues to tumble and their investments along with it. At the end of the day, people judge the government based on how they are actually affected. What Americans see right now is a bloated behemoth that sucks up their hard-earned money to blow it on needless programs that never really pay out any benefit. All the while, politicians, including Jill Biden herself, preen for the cameras and take credit for things they didn’t do.


In light of that reality, what Jill Biden says here is kind of gross. The assumption that people are just too ill-informed to see the greatness of government is demeaning. It’s also insulting, in that refuses to just admit the real problem — that the federal government is an inefficient dumpster fire responsible for many of the nation’s ills. That dictates that the prescription is certainly not more big government, but that’s exactly what the Biden administration keeps pushing.

In the end, Jill Biden gets points for honesty, but a deduction for missing the solution.


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