Joe Biden's Train Goes off the Track and Exposes the Sheer Lunacy of His Sloganeering

Joe Biden was let out of the basement today and things did not go well as he meandered off-script. That’s certainly not surprising, yet it continues to be newsworthy when the President of the United States shows an inability to function at a basic level. We should never get comfortable with scenes of mental decline from the man who is supposed to be leading the most powerful nation on earth.


To kick things off, Sen. Chuck Schumer brought the fire with this introduction.

That’s when Biden decided to try launch into a promotion of his ridiculous “build back better” agenda. What transpired was both insulting and largely uninterpretable.

Props to Biden for realizing and correcting himself that no amount of government spending is going to stop hurricanes from destroying property or all floods from happening, yet is this setting really the place to make such a political statement? What part of his “build back better” agenda is going to make homes and businesses more resilient against mega-storms? How is it going to stop water from flowing into places that reside below sea level? Last I checked, gravity is an immutable characteristic of the environment we live in. That’s the insulting part.


Then there’s the unintelligible part where he seems to say if we just do his agenda, that will actually make things “worse and worse and worse?” I don’t know, you can try to figure it out, but I’m not sure translating it is all that important. He obviously meant to say something else because he always means to say something else.

Rather, I think the biggest thing revealed here is just how empty Biden’s presidency is. It’s built on faux claims of moderation mixed with woke-ism and mindless sloganeering that spans the gambit from absurd to cringe. We don’t need to “build back better.” We need to build back what we had, including the economy that Biden has thoroughly knee-capped.

Various crises should not serve as an excuse to remake society when the society we had was one with record low unemployment, a booming economy, and a relatively secure border. Spending the nation into oblivion won’t make things better. Instead, it’ll just accelerate our decline. All the “build back better” programs in the world can’t fix that.

Biden’s presidency is a hollow shell of nothingness. He’s seeking to be transformational when the country doesn’t need transformation. COVID has offered him that excuse to some extent, but his massive failures on that front have undercut his case. To even make that speech today, promoting his domestic political agenda, while Americans continue to be held hostage in Afghanistan is tone-deaf. And if his recent numbers are any indication, the majority of the public are not buying anything he’s selling these days.


The Emperor has no clothes, and that’s a scary mental image.


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