Republican Knee-Bending Ends Just as You'd Expect

Republican Knee-Bending Ends Just as You'd Expect
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Over the last year, the major airlines have received tens of billions in bailouts and direct aid from American taxpayers. That’s come under the guise of various COVID relief packages (including those passed and signed by Republicans) with the idea being that the airline industry is just too big and important to fail. Beginning in the spring of last year, tens of billions of dollars started being shoveled into the coffers of private companies with the assumption being that goodwill would follow.

After all, if you bend the knee enough, they are bound to treat you with respect right? That should be especially true in a state like Georgia, where Delta Airlines is based and enjoys fuel subsidies handed to them by Republican officeholders.

Unfortunately, as per our usual arrangement, all that knee-bending has simply led to more spit collecting on the faces of Republicans who can’t seem to get the message.

Instead of responding to GOP overtures and payoffs from the state and federal level with deference, Delta Airlines has announced they will not only be mandating COVID vaccinations for employees, but they’ll be fining those that don’t comply. This comes after the same company savaged Republicans in Georgia for passing an election integrity bill earlier this year.

Yet, from Donald Trump to Mitch McConnell, to Brian Kemp and everyone in-between, Republicans have continued to baby these major corporations, bailing them out with your hard-earned money while they don’t reciprocate in the slightest.

And don’t be fooled, this is not an establishment vs. America First issue. Across the spectrum, Republicans continue to value helping woke corporations over their own voters. When it comes to corporate tax breaks for companies that openly despise them, Republicans jump to attention. Yet, when it comes to standing up for individual rights in the face of corporate overreach, only Ron DeSantis and a select few others have had the guts to do anything.

The question is how much longer it takes the GOP to finally learn the lesson that keeps punching them in the face. Delta Airlines is not your friend nor are the others on the laundry list of other mega-corporations that donate to Democrats, spread the gospel of woke-ness, and keep slapping Republicans in the face.

Instead of coddling the CEO of Coca-Cola, how about coddling middle-class Americans for once? I’m tired of the excuses, and while I understand the economic issues at play in encouraging investment, at some point principle has to win out. Keep taking abuse and you will keep getting abused. Now is the time to tell these companies to pound sand unless they change their behavior, not to keep doing them favors.

GOP voters should be taking notes right now of what Republicans refused to hold these corporations accountable. When the time comes for state and federal elections, don’t be fooled by campaign proclamations. Instead, look at who actually had the backbone to do something when they had the chance. Then, vote accordingly.

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