The Culture Wars Are Escalating, and Republicans Can Stop Being Cowards or Go Home

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Earlier today, I wrote on Delta Airlines going full woke over Georgia’s election reform bill. Despite the facts showing that the bill expands early voting and doesn’t place any excessive burdens on minority voters, the CEO of the major airline decided to tap-dance for the left. He was joined by other major corporations like Coca-Cola and Microsoft.


Now, Major League Baseball is joining the fray by threatening to move their all-star game out of Atlanta. Joe Biden offered his support, saying he would “strongly support” the move. RedState covered that story here.

What we are seeing is a rapid escalation in the culture wars, and that’s making a lot of Republicans squeamish due to the normally cozy relationship between the GOP and big business. An abusive system has been set up whereby Republican politicians bend the knee and hand huge corporations tax breaks and incentives while they turn around and spit in the face of Republican voters by pushing woke nonsense like critical race theory.

The old mindset is as follows.

Let me translate that for you — “hey, big corporation, please abuse me while I shovel taxpayer money in your direction to make sure you are comfortable!”

That dog isn’t going hunt anymore, nor should it. GOP voters aren’t going to tolerate these massive corporations going woke while at the same time demanding subsidization via tax breaks and other incentives. If Coca-Cola wants to appease the left, they can go incorporate in New York and see how those tax rates suit them.


Ellie Bufkin of Sinclair Broadcast Group posted this morning, these corporations are pushing the envelope to see just how much power they have. Republicans can choose not to give it to them.

That’s exactly right. Any Republican who is still sniffing the hindquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and refusing to call out illiberalism from giant corporations might as well not even bother running. Those days are over, and they aren’t coming back.

And honestly, that’s a very good thing. The relationship between the GOP and big business was far too one-sided. Republicans have constantly run to the defense of corporations that send most of their political dollars to Democrats. They’ve defended Wall Street’s malfeasance and excesses while Wall Street stumped for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. These entities have calculated that they can support the left while garnering the economic benefits afforded to them from the right. That’s a deal that shouldn’t be offered to them anymore.


You can be a free market capitalist without supporting cronyism, and that’s what much of our current big business community boils down to these days. They lobby and push through laws to benefit themselves while small businesses are crushed. It’s long past time for Republicans to cut the cord with a demand for some mutual respect. That doesn’t mean being rich is bad or that success should be punished, but it does mean you don’t owe a defense to Amazon while they are pushing a $15 minimum wage knowing it’ll crush their competition. You don’t owe Delta Airlines fuel tax breaks while they run to the liberal press to slam your state.

The culture wars aren’t stopping, and it’s time for Republicans to stop being cowards and face this head-on.




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