Antony Blinken Causes Alarm After Refusing to Answer Key Joe Biden Question

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who is more qualified to sell shampoo than to hold his current job, was on Fox News this morning. While being interviewed by Chris Wallace, normally a friendly face for administration officials, Blinken found himself pressed on the reality that President Joe Biden doesn’t appear to be inhabiting the same universe as the rest of us.


Shockingly, or not shockingly depending on your disposition, Blinken was unable to answer a basic inquiry on whether Biden knew what was happening in Afghanistan.

The setup for this is the fact that Biden lied multiple times during his recent presser on the collapse of Afghanistan and those who remain trapped there. The long-overdue session lasted less than 18 minutes, with Biden taking four, total questions and telling obvious falsehoods throughout his answers.

For example, Biden insisted that Al Qaeda was “gone” from Afghanistan, something so untrue that it took less than an hour for his own Pentagon to contradict him. The president also asserted that there was “no” intelligence showing that Americans were having trouble getting through Taliban checkpoints in order to reach the Kabul airport. Lastly, in what was perhaps his most blatant lie, Biden insisted that there had been no criticism from our allies on how he had handled things. On the contrary, he was literally held in contempt by the UK parliament.

Biden was either purposely misleading the public in hopes this would all blow over, or he’s so out of the loop that he truly doesn’t know what’s going on. When asked by Wallace to explain the disparity, Blinken can’t. Instead, he responds about it being an emotional time for everyone. That’s a dodge if I’ve ever seen one.


Is the president not being told everything because his advisers and cabinet officials fear he’ll further compromise the operation?

Wallace, to his credit, doesn’t let Blinken get away with obfuscating and levels a follow-up, reiterating that words matter and Biden’s made no sense. Blinken is left shell-shocked again, refusing to answer the question on why Biden’s words were so contrary to reality, instead claiming that our allies have shown “deep appreciation” for how the United States has handled the withdrawal. That’s almost certainly untrue, but Blinken had his talking points and he stuck to them.

Honestly, that may be one of the worst clips of the Biden presidency. Sure, there’s been a lot of embarrassing moments over the last eight months, but when Biden’s own secretary of state can’t quickly dispel the notion that the president is a vegetable with no knowledge of anything, something is deeply, deeply wrong. At some point, the obfuscation just becomes way too obvious to ignore.

I don’t know how the country makes it through three more years of this.


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