The Situation for Americans in Afghanistan Deteriorates Further as Biden's 'Plan' Collapses

We were told just yesterday by Biden Bro Jake Sullivan, currently serving as NSA for some inexplicable reason, that Joe Biden and his administration had planned for every contingency in Afghanistan. To the extent that such a statement wasn’t clearly ludicrous prior, it’s now being shown to be overtly false.


Per reports on the ground, the situation for Americans in Afghanistan has deteriorated further. Safe houses are being used while those in harm’s way look for an opening to run to the airport. But the Taliban have completely surrounded it, setting up checkpoints, leaving no option but for American citizens to put their lives in the hands of terrorists. It’s unconscionable that the United States, led by Biden’s decisions, has allowed this situation to unfold.

Biden’s message to Americans who are stuck is, as best I can tell, to run the gauntlet and hope the Taliban are nice. Would that be a risk you’d take? Especially if you have your family with you? Never mind those that aren’t actually in Kabul and have no way to transit the roads safely. Retribution for “occupiers” is going to be a running theme in Afghanistan going forward, and thousands of Americans are caught right in the middle of it.

The situation is untenable. There’s just no possible way, in my view, that we can avoid sending troops back out into Kabul itself and the surrounding areas. There are too many stranded Americans who do not have the ability to get to the airport themselves. That means open fighting is almost certainly going to occur over the next few weeks, and when the shooting starts, who the heck knows what happens next?


What an absolute travesty this is. Biden was told over and over that this would happen. Instead of stepping up evacuation efforts months ago while US forces still had control of Kabul and Bagram AFB (a perfect staging ground for an evacuation), Biden spit into the wind about the situation on the ground and ignored what was obviously coming. Now, he’s letting the Taliban dictate the terms, and Americans left behind are out of options.

In a more sane political environment, we’d be talking about impeachment right now. Biden disappearing for the better part of two weeks during a crisis of this level is inexcusable and a dereliction of duty. Is it a high crime and misdemeanor? Who the heck knows, but I was assured during the Trump years that Congress could impeach a president for anything. Biden needs to go. That he will remain is a blight on what was once a proud, strong nation.


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