That Story of Afghans Falling off Fleeing Transport Planes Just Got So Much Worse

That Story of Afghans Falling off Fleeing Transport Planes Just Got So Much Worse
U.S. plane leaving Kabul airport as people cling to the wheels (Credit: Mortezia Kazemian)

Yesterday, a disturbing video emerged from Kabul airport showing thousands of Afghans storming a C-17 transport aircraft. AH-64 Apache helicopters were being used to swoop down and clear a path so the plane could take off. That’s how ill-prepared the evacuation was. Other videos showed the scene after the plane rotated and began climbing, with at least two individuals falling to their deaths.

Now, we are learning more about what transpired, including the fact that the deaths didn’t stop there.

This is an inexplicable situation, not because the pilots did anything wrong, but because they were put in this position in the first place. They had to make the no-win decision to remain on the ground and possibly be overrun or to take off knowing that people would die as a result.

There is actually a video of what happened after the plane tried to put its gear up taken from inside. I won’t post it because it’s just too graphic, but it involves a man’s lower torso flapping in the wind as he’s trapped between the landing gear doors. No doubt, given the forces in question as the plane sped up, he was eventually ripped in half.

How did this happen? It happened because we are led by buffoons who clearly had no actual plan at all for how to conduct these evacuations. The United States gave up control of Bagram AFB, which was fully secured just weeks ago and could have been a vital staging area. Then they gave up control of the Kabul airport initially which led to the redeployment of troops in order to retake the area But by that point, the chaos was overwhelming, leading to the rush of people we see in these various videos.

None of this had to happen, and I won’t repeat all my reporting and opinions on the various issues here as I’ve already written several other pieces along those lines. Yet, it can not be said enough that this is Joe Biden’s failure. This blood is on his hands.

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