Tucker Carlson Blisters Spineless Republicans Rushing to Hand Joe Biden a Major Victory

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This week, the President of the United States decided to spit in the eye of the Supreme Court and cancel property rights for tens of millions of Americans. RedState has covered that saga thoroughly (see here and here), including how Justice Brett Kavanaugh folding in his original ruling allowed all of this to happen. Last night, the DOJ ran through the door he propped open out of some misguided attempt at good faith.


Regardless, that Joe Biden would do something illegal is hardly shocking. What’s perhaps more surprising, or maybe not, is how little establishment Republicans have had to say about it. Figures like Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, and Lindsey Graham haven’t even mustered a single piece of criticism.

I think the answer is simple — they want to keep their infrastructure deal on track, and going after Joe Biden might put it in jeopardy (the horror). Tucker Carlson lit into those Republicans yesterday, pondering why the supposed opposition party is so gung-ho handing Biden a huge legislative victory, and by virtue, giving Democrats a shot in the arm for 2022.

Tucker always knows how to make a point, and he does so here, naming names and just lambasting these Republicans who seem to not understand what the point of their existence is. Despite the delusions of Romney and others, it is not to shoulder all the risk — and possible blame — while giving Democrats exactly what they want.

That’s made even clearer by the fact that Democrats are simultaneously promising to pass a massive reconciliation package to fill in all the gaps left from the “deal.” So again, what is the point of the deal?


Well, I think the point is that it’s business as usual in Washington, D.C., again. The payoffs are in there, and the accolades are ready to be doled out. Being the opposition means actually taking a risk, and Lisa Murkowski wants nothing to do with that. These Senate Republicans are not leaders, able to stand up when the going gets tough (unless it’s to protect an establishment apparatchik like Brett Kavanaugh, of course).

As Tucker says, all of this should be disqualifying going forward. Yes, if the choice is between a Republican and Democrat, you vote for the Republican, but primaries do exist. Murkowski shouldn’t sniff being the GOP nominee in her state again. Neither should Mitt Romney, when the time comes. Republican voters have to play hardball — or everything is going to return to the Obama-era status quo.


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