After Joe Biden Negates Property Rights, Liz Cheney Focuses on What Truly Matters

This week, the Biden administration, in direct defiance of the Supreme Court’s warning, had his CDC issue an extension to the eviction moratorium. After over a year of stealing people’s property with no recourse or due process, Washington politicians and officials looked at the situation and demanded more cowbell. You know, because it’s not like property rights are foundational to the United States of America or anything.


But while middle-class Americans are bankrupted by government-protected squatters taking advantage of a ridiculously unconstitutional edict, I want you to be comforted by an incredible demonstration of civic duty — Liz Cheney is focused on what truly matters.

I’m searching around, trying to find Cheney’s comments on Biden’s illegal order and I’m coming up empty. There’s nothing on her social media accounts and it doesn’t appear she’s given or released any public statements on the matter. She did have time to try to blame a suicide, which happened almost seven months later, on January 6th while offering no evidence there’s any connection at all. She also had time to retweet an attack on Tucker Carlson for broadcasting from Hungary about border policy, taking a shot at Fox News in the process.

But when it comes to the most blatant, unconstitutional executive action (via the CDC in this case) in modern history, which threatens jail time to property owners who simply seek to exercise their rights, Cheney is nowhere to be found. She can’t even be bothered to lodge a half-hearted condemnation. But we know what her father thinks of the Republican Party and that’s got to count for something, right?


To be fair, Cheney is hardly alone in her silence (more on that in a later article), but hers is especially egregious. When someone presents themselves as a bastion of principle, maybe they should actually operate with principle? The principled, conservative stand here is to say loudly that Biden spitting in the face of the Supreme Court (you can thank Brett Kavanaugh for opening that door) and ordering something he admitted wasn’t constitutional is condemnable.

Cheney won’t do that, though. That would require her upsetting her new friends, and it’s those friends that are going to set her up for the next segment of her life after she isn’t re-elected in Wyoming. Call me cynical, but I believe that’s the explanation here. And perhaps that’s fine? Politicians are rarely (if ever) truly consistent, principled beings, after all. But Cheney tries to play one on TV to the plaudits of CNN anchors everywhere. Given that, her silence on Biden’s unconstitutional action while she still obsesses over January 6th comes across as especially pathetic.


Couple this with the GOP senators who are still rushing to hand Joe Biden his infrastructure deal and you begin to get a clear picture of just why 2016 happened and why it’s going to happen again.


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