Rand Paul Asks an Important Question That Demands an Answer

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

With inflation, COVID, the border, and a collapsing foreign policy all taking various amounts of the nation’s attention, it’s easy to forget that we still have the issue of the DOJ/FBI being a corrupt dumpster fire to deal with.


As RedState reported, the last month has not been kind to the department and their subsidiaries in regards to credibility. Revelations surrounding how deeply involved the FBI was in possibly orchestrating the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot set off alarm bells. When the chief agent providing evidence for the case turned out to be an alleged crazy wife-beater, things got even worse for the bureau, and that was just one example.

Given that, you’d think John Durham would really be taking his job seriously. The supposed special counsel appointed to investigate DOJ/FBI malfeasance surrounding the Trump-Russia investigation has gone completely dark, to the point where it’s worth wondering if he’s even still active.

On that front, Rand Paul asked an important question that deserves an answer.

Without even delving too deeply into supposition, I think I can answer this one — there will be no Durham report.

Under former AG Bill Barr, transparency and justice were promised following all the disturbing reveals involving how corrupt the FBI and DOJ acted in relation to Donald Trump. Durham was assigned to investigate (and later appointed as special counsel prior to Trump leaving office) and was immediately handed multiple criminal referrals by the DOJ’s inspector general. After refusing to act on all but one of them (Kevin Clinesmith), we’ve heard nothing since. Now, AG Merrick Garland, a political actor if there ever was one, is in charge. Does anyone really think Durham is going to do anything but quietly shutter his activities if he hasn’t already?


Accountability is for the rubes. The DOJ/FBI operates under a completely different set of rules in regards to how the law is pursued and enforced. If you lie to the FBI, you go to jail and have your life ruined. If an FBI official or agent lies to the FBI, they get a half-hearted rebuke from FBI Dir. Christopher Wray and a fat pension.

The idea that Durham just needs more time doesn’t pass muster anymore. Robert Mueller had no problem dropping indictments and no-knock raids while his investigation was still going on. Durham is obviously, in my view, continuing to stall in the hopes this just all goes away. That seemed to be the plan at the end of the Trump administration and it continues today. All the while, the distrust of our institutions only grows. A hearty “great job” to everyone involved.


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