Joe Biden Flaunts His Anti-Americanism and Shows Who He's Really Beholden To

Much has been written about Joe Biden’s mind-melting town hall, which took place on CNN last night. But past the fumbling and nonsensical policy propositions, the president also managed to flaunt his immense anti-American mindset. In doing so, he also managed to reveal who he truly feels beholden to.


The clip in question revolves around Biden supposedly hearing it from other nations at the G7 about how screwed up those silly Americans supposedly are. Instead of defending his nation and holding our allies’ feet to the fire, he played along, choosing to cite their putdowns as some kind of authoritative view on the United States last night.

Now, did this actually happen? Probably not, as Biden is notorious for making up things, yet we’ll go along with it for the sake of discussion because I think there’s a bigger point to be made here.

The United States does not need to prove anything to a bunch of low-rent European nations that can’t even pay for their own defense. We certainly don’t need to prove our worth to countries that forgo the basic rights of their citizens, including freedom of speech. Lastly, if any ally at the G7 needs to have their allegiance and capacity questioned, it’s Germany, who just put the finishing touches on a pipeline with Russia despite it being a huge security issue for Europe.


France, Germany, and others have for decades relied on the United States rolling over, handing them bags of cash, and defending them from enemies they themselves choose to prop up, whether that be Iran, Russia, or China. Instead of being good allies who protect the interests of those who protect them, these G7 nations have spit in our faces, pretending we are somehow inferior to their European ways of living.

For a U.S. president to go along with that is incredibly gross. How about Biden ask Germany when they are going to “get it together” instead of affirming their critique? Maybe ask France why they can’t make their NATO commitments? Perhaps press the United Kingdom on why they can’t stand with us against China? These nations exist as they are because we sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for them. Letting them know it would be a very pro-American thing to do. But Biden does the opposite because, at his core, he’s anti-American just as he’s always been.

Who exactly does Joe Biden believe he’s beholden to? German cosmopolitans or the American people who ostensibly elected him? Heck, given his comments on China at the town hall, where he called Xi Jinping a “good guy,” I’m not even sure he’d choose his own country’s interests over those of CCP.


For Democrats, berating their own country just comes naturally. Biden is hardly the first, as we experienced eight straight years of it under Barack Obama. Still, it’d be nice if we had a leader who could control his impulses be part of the “cool crowd” over in Europe and instead focus on American interests. Biden isn’t that guy, though.


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