Nothing Is Joe Biden's Fault

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With the Biden administration failing to hit its much-ballyhooed vaccine goal, the blame game is on, and you’ll be less than surprised to learn that absolutely none of that failure is Joe Biden’s fault. It’s not like the President of the United States should be held accountable for his own messaging campaign. Rather, the White House has assured the American people that the real culprits here are Facebook posts.


Yes, Democrats blaming Facebook (and social media in general) for their failures worked so well after the 2016 election that they are trying to run the same play again. Yesterday, Joe Biden asserted that social media companies were “killing people” by allowing “misinformation” to spread about the COVID vaccine. Jen Psaki backed that up by making Facebook’s moderation choices a key issue instead of, you know, Biden’s leadership.

In more normal times, such a ridiculous obfuscation of responsibility would be labeled for what it is. Yet, in our hyper-partisan environment, Biden and his cohorts must be protected at all costs. As a result, you get insanity like this from people who are ostensibly journalists.

Did you get all that? The media reporter over at NBC News would like you to know that the president blaming a private social media company for his failures is not passing the buck. Rather, it is passing the buck when that social media company doesn’t accept Biden’s attempt to blame them for his administration’s inability to meet its goals. Makes sense, right? You usually have to pay for propaganda that shameless.


Here’s another example, this time from a writer for The New York Times.

Why would Facebook need to give the White House information on vaccine “misinformation?” That would seem like a massive breach of privacy regarding their users and a clear attempt to subvert the First Amendment by proxy. Further, even if the White House got that information, what exactly are they going to do with it to somehow make people get the vaccine at a higher rate? Yet, instead of noting that Biden’s demands are unreasonable and likely ineffectual anyway, Kang blames Facebook for not acquiescing. All of this is calculated to further the idea that Biden isn’t responsible for his own faceplant.

Past the Pravda-like narrative pushing, the excuse itself doesn’t wash. The most vaccine-hesitant group in the country are black Americans. Are we to believe that members of a demographic that vote ~90% Democrat are secretly taking their cues from supposed anti-vax MAGA accounts? No, what makes far more sense is that Biden just stinks at his job, to the extent that he even attempts to perform the duties of it, even in relation to his most loyal voters.


In short, nothing is Joe Biden’s fault. Not the massive inflation, not the exploding gas prices, not the foreign policy screwups, not the border crisis, and certainly not the shortcomings of his own vaccine program. So, enjoy your ice cream — just deal with the crappy reality you’ve been handed in lieu of mean tweets.



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