Democrats Flaunt Their Narcissism With Attacks on Ron DeSantis Regarding Cuba

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As RedState has been reporting, protests are escalating in the communist country of Cuba (see here, here, and here). American flags are being waved and people are rising up to express their desire to live free.


Of course, because the American left is sympathetic to communism, including often bragging on Cuba’s decrepit, failing healthcare system, the responses have been muddled. While the Biden administration has signaled support for the protesters, they’ve tried to make the pandemic the primary reason behind the clearly justified unrest. That’s lunacy, meant to downplay the hardships Cubans actually live under, partially caused by policies Democrats otherwise promote, though the brutal dictatorship part of all this is obviously the most devasting aspect.

But the stupidity didn’t stop there. Because the social justice movement is easily the most narcissistic movement in modern history, believing that everything revolves around their non-existent oppression, Democrats took to social media to decry…Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis?

Yes, somehow, these people are managing to make a popular uprising against a communist government in another country about their petty political disagreements in the United States. The sheer gall it takes to be this self-centered while other people are facing actual tyranny is astonishing.


If you aren’t sure what all the fuss is about, apparently, these Democrats believe not allowing violent riots to occur unchecked in the free state of Florida is comparable to people justifiably protesting a communist regime. As I said, this is peak narcissism, where elected officials who are facing no hardship whatsoever are literally trying to appropriate the very real struggle of the Cuban people to whine that they can’t burn down Target stores and mob vehicles. The combination of ignorance and privilege being expressed is a sight to behold.

The reality is that what’s going on in Cuba is the result of decades of brutal mistreatment at the hands of a despicable regime. The struggle there is not comparable to a bunch of spoiled, mostly college-aged activists crying about micro-aggressions and not being able to block interstates. No politicians should be so tone-deaf as to think such comparisons are acceptable.


Lastly, by trying to make this about DeSantis and not the Cuban people, these Democrats are signaling exactly how much they fear the Florida governor. Their desperation in attacking him is a result of his objective success, not just in handling COVID in his state, but also in how he’s handled a range of other issues. The left is freaking out because they were assured that the demographic shifts in Florida would favor them going forward. Yet, now that they’ve discovered that Latinos can actually think for themselves, the consternation is building. Meanwhile, DeSantis only grows more popular, both in his state and among the national electorate.


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