Co-President Jill Biden Thinks You're Stupid

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Co-president Jill Biden thinks you’re stupid. That’s the only conclusion that I can draw after her latest commentary.

To get specific, the ambitious First Lady recently spoke to the NEA (National Education Association), a vile union that has had a large hand in keeping many schools closed for the last year. In fact, I just wrote on them yesterday, noting that their latest demands to re-open schools are essentially impossible to meet and completely void of any scientific reasoning (see Largest Teachers’ Union Has Fresh Demands and Leaves People Asking if Schools Will Ever Open).


Here’s a taste of the absolutely inane thought emanating from the group.

Yes, these geniuses want everyone vaccinated even though there is no approved vaccine for children under 12 yet. Then they want mandatory testing, possibly continual (their language is vague on that point). And after all that, they still want masks and social distancing despite the fact that we now know the virus is airborne, that the vaccines work, and that children are overwhelmingly invulnerable.

But as I said yesterday, the incoherence is the point. These union leaders and their members do not want to return to work, and they see the current circumstances as a chance to further milk taxpayers.

Despite all that, Jill Biden wants you to know that American families aren’t mad about that at all. Rather, they see the teachers who are members of the NEA as “champions.” Yes, she seriously said that.

This is quite literally the opposite of reality. Families were indeed looking for champions to educate their children during the pandemic. Yet, they never found them in teachers who belonged to these unions. Rather, parents were abandoned with their kids left to fend for themselves while these teachers sat a home, selfishly feeding into their own irrational hysteria. Perhaps more infuriating, they all got paid for doing so.


But just like Jill Biden, the leaders of these unions want you to forget about their behavior. Here’s Randi Weingarten of the AFT claiming that she wanted to open schools all along.

Again, that’s the opposite of reality. Weingarten has spent over a year spreading fear on cable news while putting out plans that are completely unworkable. She wanted all teachers vaccinated before there was even a vaccine. She ignored the lack of spread in schools that reopened last August and September, insisting on rigid, unworkable testing regimes. But as more of her “concerns” were met, the goalposts kept moving. Pretty soon, the talk was about school buildings and ventilation. It never ends because it’s not supposed to end.

These are the people that Jill Biden calls champions. It’s unbelievably crass and dismissive of the very real concerns of parents around the nation who have watched their children suffer at the hands of self-absorbed teachers’ unions. Everything from sky-rocketing suicide rates to test scores bottoming out has been the result.


Teachers’ unions are not champions. Rather, they are a detriment to the education of American children. They should be shuttered, not lauded (see Kira Davis: No More Danding Around…It’s Time to End Teachers’ Unions). That Jill Biden would do the latter is more evidence of her absolutely awful judgment, which I suppose makes her a lot like her husband.



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