Claire McCaskill Makes a Pronouncement That Sure Seems Like Mental Illness

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Claire McCaskill isn’t exactly a high-profile figure anymore. Previously lauded as a Democrat leader and an example of a more “moderate” member of her party, she now spends her days doing partisan analysis on MSNBC. Because what else is a Democrat supposed to do after getting kicked out of office, in this case by Sen. Josh Hawley?


Yet, sometimes McCaskill says something so inane that it’s worth commenting on, largely because the kind of hysteria she’s choosing to propagate is hardly unique. The attempts to turn January 6th into some kind of solemn national marker, worthy of being placed on the same pedestal with tragic events like 9/11 and the Civil War, are pervasive (see Joe Biden Sets off Outrage, Downplays 9/11 With Ridiculous Claim About January 6th).

But what follows may take the cake. McCaskill went on MSNBC to pronounce that her family had a new July 4th tradition — they are going to watch video of January 6th.

Let’s start with the assertion that the Capitol riot was worse than Benghazi. In Benghazi, four people were brutally murdered by terrorists because their own government abandoned them. The Obama administration then tried desperately to cover it up by lying to the public. On January 6th, some unarmed protesters out of tens of thousands who had shown up went too far, entered the Capitol Building, and largely just walked around and tore stuff up. That’s why almost all the charges stemming from January 6th are misdemeanor trespassing. The only person killed as a direct result of the Capitol breach was shot by a police officer whose name is still being kept secret. That would be Ashli Babbitt.


Now, putting aside personal opinions on how bad January 6th was or wasn’t, why exactly would any sane person watch video of that event on July 4th while seemingly forcing their family to do so as well?

There are two logical conclusions to be drawn from this. Either Claire McCaskill is mentally ill and should seek help for whatever delusions she’s suffering under in regards to January 6th, or she’s just a ridiculous partisan who is willing to say anything to placate MSNBC’s left-wing audience. I’ll let you decide which is more probable and which is worse.

Here’s the reality. It’s been six months, and no one is still talking about January 6th except Democrats in Washington, the biased press, and Liz Cheney. Regardless of what conclusions someone draws in regards to the true level of threat that day, for McCaskill to proclaim that it almost cost us our republic while saying she is going to observe January 6th as part of her July 4th celebration is pure delusion.

Given that, perhaps being on MSNBC is exactly where she belongs?


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