'Right Wing Watch' Tried to Get Conservatives De-Platformed but Then Something Amazing Happened

On the left, a cottage industry of organizations and news divisions that exist to try to de-platform conservatives has taken shape over the last several years. The insidious industry mines conservative media looking for ways to try to get them canceled, either via direct attack or by pressuring advertisers. Their most high-profile target on the right has obviously Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, but few have been immune from their gaze, including this site at times.


Yet, in what will likely be the most satisfying story of the day, Right Wing Watch, one of the left-wing outfits that have propagated de-platforming, got a valuable lesson in sowing and reaping.

What’s so ironic about this is that the channel was likely brought down because Right Wing Watch would post clips of conservatives saying things in an effort to get those conservatives de-platformed. Yet, because of the prior efforts of Right Wing Watch to mainstream de-platforming at social media sites (including YouTube), they were literally taken down by the very rules they promoted.

Yeah, that’s some funny stuff.


But I have good news for Right Wing Watch. Now that they’ve been kicked off of YouTube, they can simply go start their own multi-billion dollar video platform, right? I mean, that’s what the left has continually told conservatives who complain about censorship online.

As they say, the new rules are in effect.


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