Man Who Shot Police Officer Is Arrested, and a Democrat Narrative Is Complicated in the Process

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Officer Jason Raynor was shot in the head Wednesday in Daytona Beach, FL, in what appears to be a targeted attack. Disturbing bodycam footage was released shortly after, showing a black man shooting Raynor as the officer was waiting for a door to open.


A multi-state manhunt for the suspect proceeded after the shooting, and now the alleged assailant is in custody. Othal Wallace, who is 29, was apprehended in the Atlanta, GA, area.

But, it’s where he was captured that is complicating prior narratives.

Wallace was captured at a black nationalist, paramilitary campground, further pointing to the idea that the shooting of the officer was motivated by hate of police and possibly racism, as well. When he was arrested in what is being described as a treehouse, the suspect had multiple guns on him, but guns were also found in the surrounding structures of the campground.

The shooting of Raynor pushes back on an assertion made by AG Merrick Garland recently that “white supremacy” is the preeminent “domestic violence extremist threat” in the nation. By the numbers, that never made sense, as drug cartel violence, which clearly includes people with extremist views, is a bigger domestic violence threat by many magnitudes. Yet, Garland’s words were propagated throughout the media — despite the lack of evidence for his claim.


Now, we have a white officer shot in the head by a man with a black nationalist background. Earlier in the week, a BLM protest turned violent in South Carolina, with fires being set outside a police station. There have also been many, other attacks over the last year.

People can argue about the actual extent that white and black nationalism plays in extremist killings in the United States, but clearly, the situation is far more complicated than repeating talking points that make the ‘wokest’ among us happy. Garland’s claim about white supremacy was meant to throw red meat to a Democrat audience, not actually keep the American people abreast of what is truly going on.


Left-wing extremism is obviously a growing problem in this nation. That’s not to say we have not seen terrible killings by white supremacists over the last several decades (i.e. Dylann Roof), but they are extremely rare, especially over the last couple of years. To have the DOJ asking for hundreds of millions of dollars to combat white supremacist extremism — while they can’t even seem to admit extremist exists on the left — is a recipe for disaster.


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