Joe Biden's Most Terrifying Move Is One No One Is Talking About

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While Joe Biden’s legislative policies will have a lasting, damaging impact on the country, and already have in some cases (inflation caused by the massive COVID “relief” bill, for example), what’s not talked about much is his impact on the bureaucracies.


After all, that’s where the real power lies in our system. Elected officials are often just weak quasi-celebrities with little ability to propagate any real change. Meanwhile, a determined group of bureaucrats can make regulations, target their political enemies with state power, and generally enact massive societal change — and you won’t even know their names.

The Founders never intended for such a corrupt system to become the country’s standard procedure, but here we are, and Democrats are keen to take advantage of it. We saw what the often-called “deep state” was capable of during the Donald Trump era. Now, Biden is looking to super-size that effort, and it should terrify you.

What is “domestic terrorism?” Well, it’s pretty much whatever a bunch of left-wing ideologues want it to be. And after Biden and his cohorts hire hundreds of new “analysts” from biased think-tanks and activist groups, what they will want it to be is Republicans of all shapes and sizes.


Take this ridiculous claim from Attorney General Merrick Garland as a primer.

Like almost all people, I think white supremacy is abhorrent. Heck, there are a lot of white people out there I’d trade for some Cuban exiles right now if given the chance. But there is simply no evidence at all that white supremacists represent the top “domestic threat” in the country. White supremacist attacks are extremely rare when you actually use a real definition of the phrase. But that’s the point. Everything Democrats don’t like is white supremacy, and they’ve made that clear across the board.

Regardless, there is no evidence that white supremacy represents a serious threat, much less the greatest threat to Americans. While hate crime statistics can be made to say anything, with every random slur being used to back a narrative, use your eyes and ears. If there were a rash of white supremacist killings going on, don’t you think the news media, which drools over those kinds of stories, would be reporting on them? The truth is that such attacks are almost non-existent outside of a few high-profile mass shootings over the last decade that stand on their own as awful enough. In the end, white supremacist violence represents a tiny, tiny fraction of violent crime in the United States. To reiterate, when they do happen, they are abhorrent, but the Biden administration’s claim is one of delusion.


Gang violence, for example, takes thousands of more lives a year via violent crime. Why is that not the greatest domestic threat we face? Why is that not considered “terrorism” when the goal of inner-city gangs is the control their neighborhoods and terrorize the residents within them? We just had dozens of people die last summer during the Black Lives Matter riots. Why is that ideology not being targeted as expressly dangerous?

Regardless, semantical arguments about what qualifies as “terrorism” are irrelevant. Lives lost are lives lost and no mother who loses a child feels better about it because it was just street crime that took them. Why are we needing to spend $100 million to combat “extremism” when other causes of violence are a far, far greater threat to the average American?

None of this makes sense until you realize it’s all political. White supremacy is a catch-all to target political adversaries of the left. The definition is always expanding, and when mixed with ideologies like critical race theory, suddenly every white Republican is a white supremacist by birth worthy of cracking down on. Heck, Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin is being called one by his own colleagues.

This doesn’t stop until these agencies are dismantled from top to bottom. That has to happen the next time a Republican becomes president. But what the country can’t handle right now is another influx of rabid ideologues into a bureaucracy that already has no credibility. Whatever can be done to stop this from happening must be done.



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