Trump Gets Proven Right Again on 'Climate Change,' This Time by California

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Perhaps the dumbest aspect of the Trump era was the penchant for the mainstream media and the broader left to deny objective reality just to own the orange man.


Who can forget their attempts to make fun of the former president when he mentioned that coyotes facilitate human smuggling for the drug cartels. “Haha, he thinks wild dogs smuggle humans,” they squealed on their cable news hits. Did they really not know what a coyote was in that context? Or were they just being purposely obtuse? I think we know the answer to that.

A similar situation arose last year, when Trump suggested that California needed to focus on clearing undergrowth in forests — in order to prevent the devastating forest fires that have ravaged the state. In response, teeth were gnashed because the only acceptable explanation to the left was to blame the destruction on “climate change.”

Here’s an example, via the activist site Climate Power.

Instead of acknowledging the near-universally accepted truth that the wildfires are fueled by climate change, Trump has been repeating a false claim that the solution to the fires that have burned 4.9 million acres across the West is better forest management.

Of course, anyone with any common sense knew that Trump was right. There was no evidence that climate change was the cause of the fires, which had become exponentially worse only in the recent past.

Well, Trump gets to add another thing to his list of things he was lambasted for, but turned out to be right about.


This is long overdue. When you look at the historical trends of California fires, it was clear that a lack of proper forest management and suppressing of natural burns had caused the last half-decade of carnage. Now that Trump is out of office, California can admit he was right without having to admit he was right. It’s all very convenient, but it’s also deeply cynical. How many people suffered because Democrats wanted to play politics with forest fires? Never mind that in some cases, the fires were man-made, which meant that blaming climate change was even more farcical in those instances.

In the end, Trump was right and his detractors were wrong, again. But they weren’t just wrong by chance. They purposely lied at the expense of people’s lives and homes in order to avoid having to agree that a Republican president was right. The left is not made up of people who are well.


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