Here's How Joe Manchin Should Respond to Being Called a White Supremacist

Here's How Joe Manchin Should Respond to Being Called a White Supremacist
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Sen. Joe Manchin has been getting absolutely ravaged the last few days after writing an op-ed expressing his opposition to not only nuking the filibuster but also to the For the People Act, the Democrats’ partisan federal takeover of the voting system. We’ve seen people accuse him of supporting Jim Crow-style laws while others have suggested primarying him, an idea Republicans would certainly support.

Of course, it was only a matter of time until the left started levying their favorite charge they use against anyone who disagrees with them. Namely, Manchin is now getting accused of white supremacy for not supporting the destruction of the Senate.

The stunning originality of Hill’s critique is just breathtaking. I haven’t heard a Republican called a white supremacist, well, in at least the last five minutes.

Hill is a noted race grifter, having parlayed a failing gig on ESPN as a sports commentator into a  career as a “journalist” who makes wild charges of racism against just about everyone who breathes. Given that, it’s not really surprising she’d attack Manchin in this way.

What is surprising is that these left-wingers don’t understand they are only making things worse. Manchin is from a state that voted for Trump by almost 40 points. It’s the reddest state in the union in regards to presidential politics. Every single time a raging leftie goes after him, he gains more credibility for re-election.

That leads me to my next point. Manchin has to know that this isn’t going to get any better. The Democrat Party is not moderating, they are not going backward, and the old blue-dog era is completely over. Woke politics is now at the forefront, and when even Joe Biden can’t resist it, the idea that Manchin is going to usher in some new period of civility is a pipedream. Does he want to stick around, getting called a racist and a supporter of Jim Crow by his own party?

You have to think this entire thing is wearing on him, and Manchin has a way out. He doesn’t even have to become a Republican. Rather, he can become an independent, negotiate with Republicans for what committee assignments he wants in exchange for caucusing with them and tell Democrats to go jump in a lake. There is no reason whatsoever, especially given the electorate in his state, for him to keep hanging onto this dream of returning to 1996. The media hate him and his own party despises him. They aren’t trying to earn his support, rather, they are seeking to destroy him.

Given that, the choices are simple. Manchin can sit around and get bludgeoned for the rest of his career, or he can extricate himself from the abusive relationship he’s in and chart his own path. The breaking point has to be nearing.

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