AOC Attacks Our Elections, and Accidentally Gives Dems' Game Away

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

While any number of serious issues exist currently in the United States, including things like out-of-control inflation and a border crisis, Democrats are focused like a laser beam on passing a federal takeover of the voting system. In case you haven’t been taking notes, it’s completely out of bounds to question the veracity of our current election system — unless you want to mandate ballot harvesting, outlaw voter ID, and make mail-in voting universal across the country. Then, it’s totally cool to suggest our current elections aren’t free and fair.


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discussed this topic today on CNN, and in doing so, she managed to shout the quiet part out loud in a way that may not make her colleagues happy.

Oh, really? So Democrats can’t rely on simply winning elections fair and square? How very interesting.

What AOC is admitting here is what Republicans have been saying for months now about this ridiculous push to hand Washington politicians complete control over the country’s elections, from the local level to the federal level. Democrats are scared they can’t win without the built-in, supposedly temporary advantages they received from emergency orders during COVID, some of which violated the law by changing current election laws without going through the proper channels.

But, while anyone with a brain knew that’s what this was all about, Nancy Pelosi can’t be happy that AOC went and gave the game away. Democrats have been playing dumb, insisting that HR1/S1 is simply a necessary piece of legislation to ensure greater access to voting. In reality, there is no problem with ballot access or “voter suppression,” a made-up charge Democrats continue to provide no evidence for. Pelosi, AOC, and their cohorts simply want to be able to harvest votes, electioneer, and have ID-less mail-in voting that would allow basically anyone to send anyone else’s ballot in.


Luckily, with even Joe Manchin saying he won’t support the For the People Act, it appears to be dead on arrival in the Senate. That’s great news for our elections, but the media, who lost their minds when Trump questioned the election, are now full-on, BlueAnon conspiracy theorists when it comes to basic, election security laws such as the recently passed ones in Georgia and Arizona. They want you to believe in our elections until they think they might be at a disadvantage. Then, everything must be changed. The pressure campaign is on, and we’ve gotta hope a squish like Manchin can hold his ground.


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