The Absolute Dumbest, Most Offensive D-Day Anniversary Take Goes Forth

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

June 6th marks the anniversary of the Allied D-Day invasion that took place in 1944 on the beaches of Normandy. It was the bloody, heroic start of the campaign to retake Europe, push the Nazis back into Germany, and eventually capture Berlin (unfortunately, the Soviets would get there first).


While the anniversary is normally marked with somber remembrance and expressions of gratitude for a generation that gave so much, the left is made up of narcissistic betas who pretty much make everything about themselves. Thus, Obama bro Ben Rhodes decided to share the dumbest, most offensive commentary on the day.

This former top Obama advisor, whose career culminated in a total breakdown the night of Donald Trump’s presidential win, is under the impression that the “For the People Act” is the equivalent of the Normandy invasion to defeat the Nazis. Get it? Because Republicans are Nazis and stuff. Very original, right?

Imagine thinking that not giving in to a total centralization of the voting system demanded by political hacks in Washington is sacrificing our democracy? How delusional does someone have to be to have that take? Heck, since we are talking about fascism here, you’d think Rhodes would understand that such a coalescing of power into the hands of so few is extremely dangerous. There’s a reason the country, to this point, has had localized elections.


But on the left, words have no meaning. Freedom and government accountability are fascism in their eyes, while the limiting of rights and the forcing a one-party state via partisan legislation are “democracy.”

Regardless, HR1 is not the Normandy invasion, and Republicans are not trying to destroy democracy. Quite the contrary, in fact. Besides, we are a republic, and states controlling their own elections is a foundational aspect of that.

If this were a Republican making such a gross, demeaning comparison on a day that means so much, it’d be a two-week news story. Rhodes, at his core, is a pathetic weasel of a government hanger-on. When he’s not shilling for Iran like he’s on their payroll, he’s making light of the sacrifices of thousands of brave soldiers who died to deliver us our freedom. The left truly does send their worst.


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