The DCCC Accidentally Releases Embarrassing Internal Discussions in a Press Blast

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Democrats are not employing their best, or maybe they are and this is all they’ve got? Either way, the DCCC’s latest flub isn’t covering the party in glory as we head into 2022.


While sending out a press blast (i.e. Democrats giving the news media their talking points), DCCC officials accidentally included their internal communications about messaging and how to handle a House race in California.

It’s embarrassing.

The first part of this is that Democrats are apparently so scared of Trump’s voting base that they are actively eschewing going after Steel, the Republican, for voting not to impeach. Steel won the district in 2020 even as Biden carried it on the presidential side. If Democrats are confused on how to handle such a swing district, that’s not good news for their strategy going forward. This should be a district they are slightly favored in, but they are tripping over themselves to not bring out Trump’s voters. That shows they think the threat of that is real, and it’s going to be an interesting dynamic going into 2022.

But it’s the second part of this that is really just maximum cringe. One DCCC official pushed back on the idea of calling Steel a “QAnon Congressomwan” because she’s never expressed any support for the fringe movement. Despite that, Rouda, the Democrat who lost in 2020 but is seeking a rematch in 2022, requested the laughable nickname be included anyway.


Yes, the best these clowns can come up with is shouting “QAnon” at a California congresswoman who has never done anything to support QAnon. These people have nothing, folks.

Democrats better start workshopping some new ideas because this nonsense isn’t going to fly when the election drops. No one outside the beltway cares about QAnon nor are they animated by relitigation of impeachments past. What Californians in Steel’s district care the most about are what just about everyone cares the most about — the economy. With the latest jobs report sputtering yet again, Biden is hanging an albatross around his party. No amount of press blasts talking about QAnon are going to change that.


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