Joe Biden Goes Full Leroy Jenkins in a Race-Baiting Speech, Creeps on Young Girls Again

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Joe Biden appeared in Tulsa, OK today to give a speech on race. What followed was more evidence that he doesn’t need to be anywhere near the office of the presidency. From random wild claims to race-baiting to creeping on young girls again, this speech had it all.


In other words, Biden went full Leroy Jenkins. Here’s a sampling of what transpired.

Yeah, that’s gonna be a no. There is no reality where white supremacy, gross as it is in its own right, is anywhere close to the threat of Islamic terrorism. Heck, we just recently had a man who showed ISIS sympathies shoot up a supermarket in Boulder, CO. You have to go back several years to find the last major shooting that can be directly linked to white supremacy. That’s not to say white supremacists don’t exist or don’t do evil things, but there is hardly an epidemic of white supremacist violence in this country, and the push by the government to say otherwise is purely political.

In truth, neither white supremacy nor Islamic terrorism are major threats in this country. Rather, gang and drug cartel violence take far, far more lives, to the point where they stand head and shoulders above any violence committed in the name of various ideologies.

Biden wasn’t done, though. He also wants you to know that white people have magic lawyers and accountants that they are just assigned when they start a business.


This kind of race-baiting is just dumb. White people who start small businesses are using LegalZoom or similar services just like everyone else. To the extent that they have an accountant, that almost always comes later after the business is established and bringing in money. Black-owned businesses also use accountants. Heck, most individuals have accountants in some capacity. There is no great race gap when it comes to access to various business services, and there is certainly no inherent privilege involved. Where you are starting the business and what your business entails is far more important than what your race is when it comes to future success in the business world.

Of course, no Biden speech would be complete without him creeping on young girls. His obsession with getting ice cream continues.


This is just weird. Stop asking little girls if they want to get ice cream. This is like the third time in two weeks Biden has done this, including posing with a teenager last Friday at an ice cream shop. Biden also recently commented on a very young girl’s legs, claiming that she looked like she was 19. Our president is a creeper and it’s getting more and more apparent.

Biden’s speech wasn’t surprising given he’s always stumbling all over himself, but it was still terrible. This guy lies continuously, stoking racial tensions along the way in ways no previous president, including Barack Obama, has. None of this is healthy for the country.


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