Failed GOP Politician Engages in a Disgusting Stunt Involving Officer Brian Sicknick's Mother

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

How low can the Never Trump movement go? Apparently, we haven’t reached the bottom, as a new stunt involving the mother of Officer Brian Sicknick, who died of natural causes, shows.

Failed GOP politician, Liz Cheney-simp, and rabid anti-Trump figure Barbara Comstock decided it’d be a great idea to pose for the cameras while pushing this absolute insanity.

That’s Comstock front and center, pushing for a January 6th commission under the guise that Sicknick was murdered by protesters and using the deceased’s mother as a political prop. Given we know that’s a complete lie, this is one of the more disgusting things I’ve witnessed in politics.

According to the medical examiner’s report (and even reporting from CNN of all places), Sicknick did not die of any injury sustained on January 6th. Rather, he died of a stroke a day later. We know that he suffered no blunt force trauma nor did he have a reaction to any chemical irritant such as bear spray that brought on that stroke.

Some have tried to connect the “stress” of his prior duty to his death, but even that is a big stretch. Police officers are stressed out on a daily basis. How many cops on riot duty during the 2020 riots had a stroke and died the next day? What happened to Sicknick doesn’t happen without there being some prior medical condition. Middle-aged men do not typically get stressed out and have a stroke half a day later. That’s just not how it works, and that’s not an assumption that should be made here without direct evidence.

Regardless, Sicknick’s mother is not the problem. I know the reaction by some here will be to attack her, but I’d urge people not to. Losing a son is a big deal and you can not expect a mother in that situation to act 100% rationally in her response.

The problem here is having a washed-up, Never Trump media hound desperately trying to garner attention by pushing a proven lie for clearly partisan reasons. I don’t believe we need a January 6th commission at all, and I’ve written on that extensively, but even if you do think we need a commission, we certainly don’t need one in regards to Sicknick’s death.

What Comstock is doing here is just gross, and it reaffirms what so many have said about the Never Trump movement. These are not principled people. They are opportunists who will do absolutely anything for their next cable news hit.