Joe Biden Unleashes the Cringe With Drag-Queen YouTuber Interview

Joe Biden Unleashes the Cringe With Drag-Queen YouTuber Interview
Manny Mua Interviews Joe Biden for vaccination promo

I think I have my nominee for most cringe spectacle of the last week ready to go. It comes in the form of an edited “interview” between Joe Biden and a drag-queen YouTuber (he wears heavy makeup, so I’m assuming that’s the right terminology) meant to promote vaccinations. Dr. Anthony Fauci also makes an appearance doing his typical super-science authority routine after a week in which he was embarrassed over masks and the origins of the coronavirus

We got scintillating questions such as what skin-care Biden would take with him if he were stranded on a desert island.

I’m just glad our president is focused on the important things. I mean, it’s not like the economy is stagnating, with inflation hitting everyday Americans hard while the Middle East enters another round of Obama-doctrine chaos. Clearly, the real issue is talking to a YouTuber about sunscreen.

Honestly, what kind of person decides to get vaccinated based on something like this? I’m not sure that person actually exists, which makes this all the more silly and a complete waste of time and money. The awkward cuts in the video are noticeable, clearly showing that Biden had to do multiple takes to give basic answers.

Past that, let’s talk about Dr. Fauci for a minute. What person in their right mind would take him as an authority on anything at this point? He admitted recently that Rand Paul was right about his mask wearing after vaccination being theatric. Then, after a year of dismissing it as a partisan conspiracy theory, Fauci now says that the virus could have originated in a lab like many on the right have been saying all along. Fauci’s love of the spotlight is obvious.

Our enemies have to be looking at us and laughing at this point. We’ve got woke, LGBTQ-themed Army cartoons, interviews with drag-queens about skincare, and a president who can barely read. Is there anything about the United States that currently strikes fear into foreign adversaries? I’d suggest not, and that’s a dangerous thing.

Lastly, with so many real problems going on out there, these kinds of stunts just come across as shallow and tone-deaf. People don’t need Manny Mua asking Biden about desert islands to be motivated to get vaccinated. It infantilizes people in a way that is just dumb and ineffective, in my opinion.

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