The Washington Post Makes Another Big 'Correction,' This Time About Rudy Giuliani

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Isn’t it weird how these “mistakes” always go one way?

The Washington Post had a make another major correction today, this time involving Rudy Giuliani and the FBI. Earlier in the week, the FBI raided Giuliani’s apartment, reportedly as part of a probe to bring him up on FARA charges (a law that seems to only be pursued in relation to Republicans). That relates to his previous work in Ukraine, where he discovered corruption dealing with the Biden family. Somehow, the DOJ thinks that makes him a foreign agent.

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The Post had originally reported that Giuliani was “tipped off” by the FBI that he was part of a Russian-influence operation. Now, the Post has retracted that statement.

That original assertion by the Post was obviously meant to make it seem like Giuliani had been duped into searching for dirt on the Bidens and then continued to work with Russia after the FBI let him know what was going on. It’s a typical “collusion” play we’ve seen over and over in the mainstream press via anonymous sources, typically including allegations of contacts and/or knowledge that people didn’t actually have.

How do you screw this up? Further, how do you continue to screw up this much and not expose the sources that mislead you? We know the answers to those questions. The Post is a partisan rag that exists to attack Republicans and anyone in the orbit of Republicans.

Further, this is yet another black eye on the FBI/DOJ, in my opinion. The raid was leaked to The New York Times immediately, and while I can’t prove the leak came from within those agencies, it very likely it did, and these leaks just keep happening (always in one direction). When’s the last time we got a leak about the Hunter Biden investigation? Anything involving a Republican will be in a left-wing paper by nightfall, though.

Let this be another data point for the next Republican president. He or she can actually clean house — or they will suffer this same abuse we’ve seen play out over the last five years. These corrupt government apparatchiks aren’t going to stop, no matter who gets in their way.