DOJ Official Who Rubber-Stamped Fraudulent Carter Page Warrant Gets a Face-Palm Worthy New Job

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One of the DOJ officials who reviewed and rubber-stamped the fraudulent Carter Page warrant found a new job this month. No, it didn’t involve the inner workings of the prison system. Rather, in a move so obscene that you’d think it was a parody if I didn’t provide the proof, Mary McCord was tapped to advise the FISA court as an amicus curiae.


There’s no accountability at all in our government.

Mary McCord, a former Justice Department official who approved efforts to snoop on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, has been appointed to advise the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The same court excoriated government officials in late 2019 for providing misleading information in four applications to surveil Page, who served as a Trump campaign national security adviser.

The surveillance court appointed McCord, who served as assistant attorney general for national security through May 2017, to be an amicus curiae on April 15.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) relies on eight amicus curiae to provide advice and expertise on matters related to foreign intelligence collection.

What’s so laughable about this is that the FISA court stomped their feet in a big huff while condemning the behavior surrounding the Carter Page warrant. Given that, you’d think they would, you know, not go out and get someone to advise them who approved said warrant. But our bureaucratic class is one giant back-slap session, with figures moving in and out of roles, always failing up. As The Daily Caller notes, 17 significant omissions and errors were found in the Page warrant. To date, almost no one has been held accountable for participating in the farce, and the Inspector General’s bar for proving malicious intent is so high as to be unreachable even though it is clear to every onlooker that politics played a role.


McCord also helped oversee the broader Crossfire Hurricane investigation, the corrupt, debunked pursuit of Donald Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia. That apparently wasn’t enough of a black mark on her resume either.

Our system is a joke. Do you want to know why no one trusts the DOJ, FBI, FISA court, etc.? Because of stuff like this. It’s bad enough people who clearly weaponized government power to target their political enemies aren’t getting punished. But could we at least not give them new jobs in the government? Even in an advisory role?

What this shows is that the FISA court learned absolutely nothing. They put on a good show when the heat was on and then quickly went back to the status quo. Nothing is going to change until a future president actually follows through with cleaning house, political consequences and chastizement of his or her advisors be damned.



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