It Looks Like the Bush Family Isn't Done Screwing up the Country

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Do you know what America doesn’t need: Political dynasties, and that’s never been more true than in relation to the Bush family. Well, it’s probably been more true about the Kennedys, but you get the idea. The prior Bush presidencies were hardly a roaring success, with the latter delivering us such gems as a 20-year war in Afghanistan and Chief Justice John Roberts.


Then there was Jeb Bush, a man who spent a war chest the size of a small country’s GDP destroying Marco Rubio, because he was too vapid to understand Donald Trump was the real threat. Please clap, though.

Someone shared this yesterday, and it immediately elicited laughter across the land.

I can’t confirm what’s contained in that quote, so I’m including it purely for its comedic value. Imagine a 2024 Jeb(!) Bush run and try not to hurt your ribs from doubling over so much.

Regardless, the Bush family offered something more tangible last week. Namely, former President George W. Bush decided now was the time to fluff amnesty again. It’s not like we are in the middle of a border crisis, where the incentives for people to make the journey are almost wholly the motivation for them to come.

This, per the Washington Examiner.

Former President George W. Bush said he supports widespread amnesty for illegal immigrants brought to the country as children.

“Americans who favor a path to citizenship for those brought here as children, known as ‘dreamers,’ are not advocating open borders,” the former president said in an op-ed for the Washington Post

…Bush, who has been promoting his new book containing stories and painting of immigrants, acknowledged that while amnesty for millions of immigrants was “fundamentally unfair,” he still supported amnesty for immigrants that had “earned” their citizenship through having jobs, learning English, and having an understanding of U.S. civics.

“The United States is better off when talented people bring their ideas and aspirations here,” Bush said.


It’s like he’s still stuck in 2005. Bush couldn’t be counted on to speak out in support of any Republican policy preferences during the Trump era, but the moment Biden takes office, he’s running to shill for the left-wing idea of a mass amnesty program — and he’s doing so in the tattered, bias- soaked pages of The Washington Post. No lessons have been learned.

Further, the naivete here is a sight to behold. The more you incentivize illegal immigration, the more illegal immigration you get. The idea that you can just piecemeal out amnesty to certain groups and that it won’t serve as a magnet for more dangerous, sometimes deadly, illegal crosses is inane. Republicans have enough on their plate right now. The last thing they need is a former GOP president throwing his weight behind legislative fantasies that would make Nancy Pelosi smile.

Of course, Bush demonstrates here exactly why Donald Trump became president. The gap between the establishment of the party and its voting base had become absolutely massive by the time 2016 rolled around. Republican voters are not typically anti-immigration, but they were wary of being told that we can finally secure the border, if we just do yet another massive amnesty.

And look, I get the affinity for the Bush family by some on the right. He seemed like a genuinely decent guy, but this isn’t about him painting wounded warriors. It’s about running a country properly. Policies matter, not just appeals to decorum and cocktail circuits.


It’s time for the Bush family to retreat into the history books and let the future of the party take hold. We don’t need George W. Bush’s advice on any topics of consequence, much less immigration or foreign policy.


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