FBI Director Christopher Wray Finally Makes a Big Admission

President Trump made some bad appointments in the earlier years of his presidency, and FBI Dir. Christopher Wray may not be chief among them, but he’s close. After the ouster of James Comey for his despicable behavior in propagating the Trump-Russia hoax, Wray was put in charge at the urgings of the establishment. Supposedly a fair, straight-shooter, he quickly showed himself to be just a continuation of the Comey era.


When the Carter Page fiasco was finally revealed, Wray doubled down on protecting the FBI instead of rooting out the corruption. He’s also been all in on proclaiming “white supremacy” as the only threat worth talking about while largely ignoring the constant destruction and violence, including on federal property, of Antifa around the country. In other words, he mimicked Joe Biden.

Well, with Antifa continuing to grow its footprint of carnage, Wray finally decided to admit the obvious this week.

Remember, this was the same guy who told Congress in September of last year that Antifa was just an ideology but not an organization. Do you know what has local and regional nodes – an organization. It was public knowledge at the time that Antifa had actual entities scattered across the country that planned attacks among a connected set of members. But it was more politically expedient to focus on the supposed crisis of white supremacy than Antifa, which were seemingly setting a courthouse or police station on fire almost nightly.

And while every single person who died on January 6th (and some who didn’t), even by natural causes, is immediately lumped into a grand body count for reporting purposes, we never see blame for the murders that occur during Antifa rioting applied to the group’s actions. It’s a weird standard that allows the DOJ and FBI to always claim white supremacy is the defining threat of our time while never having to forcefully speak about the threat Antifa poses.


People have eyes. I’m struggling to think of a white supremacist attack this year (no, January 6th was not motivated by white supremacy by any available evidence). Yet, we’ve seen Antifa causing destruction and injury nightly this week.

Perhaps Wray is waking up, or maybe he’s just saying the bare minimum to get the heat off. Whatever it is, the FBI needs to actually take its job seriously and go after Antifa as the domestic terrorists they are. And yes, I realize there’s no actual domestic terrorist statute, so let’s just say that the FBI should go as hard after Antifa as they did those they arrested after January 6th.


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