Coca-Cola Wants to Make Nice With Republicans After Spitting in Their Faces

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Over the last few weeks, the issue of corporations going fully woke and shoving their viewpoints down the throats of their customers has become pervasive. One of the first to enter the fray was Coca-Cola, who decided to offer its employees critical race theory training, including demanding they “be less white.”


After that, things just snowballed, with Georgia’s mundane election reform bill becoming a punching bag for Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and dozens of other corporations looking to make political statements. Later, 100 companies, including Coca-Cola, got together on a conference call to push the matter even further, mocking Sen. Mitch McConnell’s warning to stop bending the knee to the left.

As I wrote at the time, it was yet another sign that it was time for Republicans to stop fluffing these mega-corporations that turn around and spit in the face of normal Americans.

Now, Coca-Cola is trying to make nice, though, I doubt their motives for doing so are anything but profit-driven.

Yeah, it’s gonna be a no from me, dawg.

You don’t get to strip naked and jump into the freezing waters of wokeness and then expect Republicans to pull you out and give you a pat on the head by going back to buying your products. No one made Coca-Cola (or these other companies) lie about the Georgia election reform bill, and no one made them alienate a large portion of their American consumer base by becoming overtly political. But they did those things anyway, and they should be left to pay the consequences.


Further, you can bet the “path forward” they are promoting there is one that decidedly swings to the left. Conservatives aren’t interested in compromise anymore because it’s never enough. Lessons have been learned.

I feel like I’m going to be saying this a lot over the next several years, but Republicans are done being stomped on. If these big corporations want to go woke because they fear the Democrat party more, fine. But they get to own everything that comes with that. Low corporate tax rates? Don’t come to Republicans about that anymore. Tax breaks and subsidies at the state level? Forget about it. In fact, I’m all for Republican state legislatures and governors extracting their pound of flesh from these ungrateful apparatchiks of the left.


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