Hunter Biden Gives an Excuse for His Dealings With Burisma

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Hunter Biden’s latest grift is well underway, with a roll-out of his new memoir making the media rounds this week. He’s being treated with kid gloves by the press as if he’s some reborn adolescent, finally finding his way. In reality, he’s still the same person he’s always been, and it’s amazing to witness the sycophancy being lavished upon a crack-addicted womanizer who has had corrupt dealings in multiple countries, including China.


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As I said this morning, try to imagine we were talking about one of Donald Trump’s sons. Your brain will break just thinking about the possibility.

What’s happening with Hunter Biden resembles parody, but because our media are as big of a dumpster fire as the right says they are, you get the insane fluffing we are currently witnessing.

To make matters worse, Hunter’s book is full of ridiculous excuses for the terrible things he’s done. For example, instead of actually addressing how someone with no experience made $80,000 a month from a Ukrainian oil company, the president’s son insists he was just trying to stick it to Putin.


He’s a fast learner. Hunter has figured out that the way to get the left and the media to look past any transgression is to just shout “Putin” a few times. It’s laughable, but he’s really trying to present his obviously corrupt dealings as some kind of heroic fight against the big, bad Russians. He couldn’t make it in the Navy because he was too busy doing coke, but by God, he was going to serve his country one way or another.

It’s all so absurd. It’s also complete nonsense. If Hunter was so concerned with showing up Putin and the Russians, why was he taking millions of dollars from a Russian oligarch in Moscow at the same time?

That wire transfer has yet to be explained, and it probably never will be unless the FBI and DOJ actually take their investigation into Hunter Biden seriously. It’s clear he was getting payoffs for something, and it wasn’t his great legal expertise. Why would a Russian billionaire be giving him millions of dollars? What did they want in return?

Regardless, this entire thing is a farce. Hunter Biden is a crack-addled corruptocrat, and his father isn’t much better. No one should be treating him as anything more than the scumbag he’s shown himself to be. He’s not a teenager getting a second chance. He’s a clown in his 50s continuing to bilk money via his family name. If he were the son of a Republican, he’d be cast aside and criticized. But because his father is Joe Biden, once again, he’s getting special treatment.



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