This Comparison of Biden vs. Trump Media Coverage of the Border Crisis Will Melt Your Mind

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

The mainstream media is made up of biased hacks. I know, hardly groundbreaking, but this montage put out by our friends over at the Media Research Center is worth the watch for its sheer entertainment value alone. I mean, it takes real skill to lack this much shame, as you’ll see in a second.


The setup is that the border has deteriorated to unseen levels, with over ten thousand illegal alien children now in custody. Meanwhile, the general surge at the border is also at historic levels. The Biden administration is not prepared, and their policies and rhetoric caused a dangerous humanitarian crisis that didn’t need to happen.

In other words, things are objectively worse, and there are more “kids in cages” today than at any time during the Trump administration. Yet, this is the comparison in coverage.

Who knew that the party preference of the current White House resident completely changed every factual aspect of the border? It doesn’t matter that facilities are more overwhelmed under Biden with no end in sight. It doesn’t matter that he killed the remain in Mexico policy which caused this. Biden doesn’t get accused of putting “kids in cages” despite the fact that he’s quite literally making them sleep on floors in enclosed areas. It’s good to be a Democrat, at least if your concern is how the media will cover you.


Republicans will never get a fair shake. I suppose that’s a reality we all just have to live with. At this point, the only real noteworthy thing about the news media’s bias is the comedic value. Watching these people tie themselves into knots to excuse the very things they considered akin to Hitler two years ago is something to behold.

Regardless, this is a real crisis that requires real solutions. The Biden administration has none. They are flailing about, desperately trying to change the subject. But their actions and rhetoric have consequences. That’s what we are seeing now, and no amount of bias can hide it anymore.


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