Jen Psaki Gives Deplorable Answers to Two Major Questions

Yesterday, Jen Psaki was presented with two questions involving the border crisis (but don’t call it a crisis) and the uptick in anti-Asian hate crimes. Her answers showed how truly thin-skinned she is. They were also deplorable in their substance.


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Take this absolutely false insinuation by Paski.

There are at least two things to note here. One, the shooting in Atlanta was by a deranged sex addict who did not target his victims based on race. In fact, two of the people that died were white. There is zero evidence that any racial animus played a role in the heinous act, and there’s certainly no evidence that Donald Trump saying “China-virus” last year somehow prompted it. To basically assert that, as Psaki does here, is absolutely disgusting.

Further, even in the broader discussion of anti-Asian violence, Psaki’s claim is nonsense. Almost all the uptick in that area is coming from black-on Asian crime in places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. As an example, read this article out of San Francisco. It lists some of the more recent anti-Asian crimes. Not a single one was perpetrated by a “white supremacist.” The same story plays out in New York, as well, where a large surge in black-on Asian crime is driving rates up there, and that surge started before the pandemic. There is no logical argument that Trump’s rhetoric is somehow behind any of this. Rather, it’s nakedly political to claim such, and a gross misuse of the White House’s bully pulpit.


Another exchange also stuck out to me, this one involving migrant children that are being smuggled to the border by drug cartels. See if you notice anything about this smarmy answer.

This is such an unacceptable answer to a very legitimate question. If a facility is at 729% capacity, as was reported just days ago, then it is perfectly reasonable to ask what the actual limit is. Or is Psaki endorsing just shoving unlimited amounts of kids in cages? She really shows how thin her skin is here.

But what really got me about her answer is that it’s very similar to the argument Trump and his supporters made for years while Psaki and those on her side screamed about human rights abuses and concentration camps. Indeed, you can not just send six-year-olds back across the border, nor can you release them on American streets (some may argue otherwise, but we aren’t going to sentence children to death by dumping them back across the Rio Grande unaccompanied). You have to detain them until you can either arrange for them to return to their home countries to family or you can resettle them with guardians. That’s always been true, and it was true under Trump despite the hysterics displayed. Yet, the left and the media at large did not want to hear that when it was coming from Trump’s administration. Now, they are swallowing the same explanations from the Biden administration as if it’s something new.


Psaki knows she’s being a hypocrite here, but she doesn’t care, and why should she? The press won’t hold her to account. They will just change the language and pretend these new policies of shoving thousands of kids into overcrowded detention centers is somehow more humane than Trump’s remain in Mexico policy, a policy which successfully, and dramatically slowed the rush at the border.



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