Tucker Carlson Goes in Hard on Joe Biden's Immigration Disaster, and It's a Must Watch

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The situation at the border has deteriorated into a humanitarian crisis thanks to Joe Biden’s actions, and while you’ll never get his administration to admit as much (see Jen Psaki Descends into Absolute Delusion When Asked About the Border Crisis), others are taking note. We’ve written about it extensively here at RedState, and last night, Tucker Carlson went in hard on the situation.


Appearing live from El Salvador, where Tucker is doing an investigative piece on MS-13, the Fox News hosts threw some devastating punches. But it wasn’t just the typical protestations about Biden’s policy. Tucker also hit some big notes on murder rates here in the United States that should cause everyone to pause and think.

Remember, we are assured that illegal immigrants are fleeing to the United States to avoid being brutally murdered by the ongoing unrest in some of these countries. But is that really the fate that awaits them if they don’t make a dangerous, multi-thousand-mile journey at the hands of deadly cartels to cross into the U.S. illegally? Tucker points out that Baltimore has a higher murder rate than El Salvador does, the country that has seen the most unrest in the area. Meanwhile, Baltimore’s murder rate dwarfs the surrounding countries of Honduras and Guatemala. In 2018, Tucker notes, 30 cities in Honduras reported no murders at all. If this is really all about fleeing violence, doesn’t it make far more sense to go right next door to a place that is objectively safer than many of the blue cities within the U.S. that illegal immigrants make their way to?


The segment goes on to ask the obvious question — if the violence in Central America is so bad, why not just move those people to the safer parts of Central America? Because those parts absolutely do exist, and you don’t have to pay a drug cartel thousands of dollars to drag you across a desert to get there. Further, people aren’t beaten, raped, and murdered on a short bus ride to Honduras. They certainly on making their way across Mexico.

Nothing about what we are being told by the Biden administration and others makes any sense whatsoever. If the goal is to help people from a humanitarian standpoint, the last thing we should be doing is encouraging them to cross the U.S. border illegally. Yet, that’s exactly what we are doing while we preach the supposed greater moral good of subjugating people to wash our dishes and mow our grass.

Tucker ends by mentioning the other big elephant in the room. How is it good for El Salvador and their residents who can’t pay cartels to smuggle them north for us to take their young, ambitious populations and import them into our country? Does that help El Salvador recover and grow into a prosperous nation? It certainly doesn’t. Rather, it’s highly exploitative and should be treated as such.


It’s easy to feign compassion sitting in a newsroom in New York City or in a Congressional office in Washington. Reality often pushes back, though, and that’s exactly what’s happening at the border. Our approach is not compassionate. It’s just meant to feel that way to rich, white liberals.



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