Being Anti-Trump Isn't an Identity

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In not-so-breaking news, Donald Trump is no longer president. But what makes the aftermath of that reality so interesting is who that seems to be bothering the most. You’d think it’d be Trump’s most ardent supporters causing the most stir about the former president’s exit from the national stage. Yet, in an ironic twist, it’s his most ardent opponents who can’t seem to shut up about him.


Take Rep. Adam Kinzinger as a prime example. You’d never know his name if he hadn’t carved out a niche for himself as a Never Trump Republican icon. He’s a common guest on MSNBC, showing himself completely unable to kick his obsession with a man who is not even in office any longer.

Here’s a sampling of Kinzinger’s rantings in just the last 24 hours.

He also decided it’d be proper to air his family’s dirty laundry to boost his anti-Trump cred.

Do you know what I’d do if a family member wrote me a letter opposing me for political reasons? I’d say thanks for the critique and move on. It takes a special kind of egomaniacal, virtue-signaling clown to make this stuff public to get more back-slaps from the MSNBC crowd and the anti-Trump right.

Speaking of the anti-Trump right, Kinzinger is hardly alone. David French joined Morning Joe today to have a riveting discussion on how some people, who always remain conveniently unnamed, are worshiping Trump as a false god.


“It’s a cult” has become the rallying cry of the anti-Trumper. You see it above, written by whoever Sophia Nelson is. You also see it in the other tweet I linked to. No longer able to whine about Trump’s rhetoric on a daily basis because he’s not president and not talking very much, these people now occupy their time by fluffing conspiracy theories about secret Trump religions that threaten to overtake the nation. They just can’t quit the guy because he has become the very basis of their identity.

Yet, no matter how hard they try to make it so, being anti-Trump is not a real identity. It’s simply a pathetic facade for a group of grifters who have lost their grift. They are now desperately seeking to keep it afloat, doing everything they can to keep Trump relevant while at the same time insisting they want him to go away.

That’s what the latest impeachment was about. That’s what idiocy like this is about.


They can’t quit Donald Trump. Without Trump as their foil, they’ve got nothing. The MSNBC appearances would dry up. The national name recognition would fade. The weekly regurgitation of the same anti-Trump column would fall even more flat than usual. They need Trump at the forefront. Thus you get David French and Joe Scarborough riffing on idol worship while Adam Kinzinger outs his family members for their political opinions.

These aren’t serious people. They are cynical attention seekers trying to do whatever they can to keep their gravy train of opposition rolling. Meanwhile, the rest of us look at them cross-eyed, in wonderment at the one-tracked nature of their minds. No one should be this wrapped up in a politician, whether it’s one you support or hate. It’s a pathetic existence. There’s more to life than being anti-Trump.



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