Kamala Harris Tells a Blatant Lie to Own the Orange Man, but She's Really Just Scared

Kamala Harris has quite the cush job these days. As Vice President, she never takes real questions while the media dutifully put out puff piece after puff piece on her. She’s had more Vogue spreads and the like than actual press conferences since the inauguration.


That’s given a sense of invulnerability. She can quite literally say whatever she wants, all the while knowing no one, not a single “fact-checker,” will call her on it. That was made clear again in an Axios profile where Harris blatantly lied in order to slap at the orange man.

There’s no other way to describe what Harris says in that video except that it’s a lie. Not only did Dr. Fauci, who is at least ostensibly the “expert” on this matter in the Biden administration, pointedly say they didn’t start from scratch, but the evidence on the ground also clearly shows that. On the day Joe Biden took office, the country had 983,000 doses (per Bloomberg) of the vaccine distributed. If there was no “plan,” and the Biden administration started from scratch, how exactly were those doses given out? How were they procured? Heck, how was the vaccine developed in the first place? It’s gaslighting at the highest level for any Biden official, much less the VP, to be claiming that they “started from scratch” about anything to do with the vaccine or its distribution.

Of course, telling that lie isn’t just about bashing Trump. It’s also a very defensive statement in nature. Harris, like her boss, knows that nearly everything they are doing was inherited from the previous administration and that they haven’t been able to follow through on many of their more grandiose promises (i.e. Biden saying he would “crush the virus” upon taking office). The claims they are “starting from scratch” are meant to skirt any responsibility for the fact that they inherited a good, sound plan and have botched it with woke, union-inspired CDC dictates about vaccination priorities and school re-openings guidelines.


In short, Harris is scared. She and Joe Biden are scared to accept responsibility for anything, including the re-opening of schools. They don’t want to take the political risk of actually leading on these issues. That’s why you’ve seen their latest anti-science cave to the teachers unions. It’s also why you see them setting expectations so low in regards to the vaccine. It’s cowardice, pure and simple.




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