Fox News' Peter Doocy Pins Down Jen Psaki, She Doesn't Respond Well

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While the liberal media swoon over new White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki (see CNN’s Latest Chyron May Be Their Worst Yet, but It Gets Even Worse), the rest of the political world is well aware of her record of dishonesty. Having served in the Obama administration and then as a cable news “analyst,” she’s well versed in the art of lying, with her most typical move being to simply play dumb. Other times she comes right out with it, such as the untruth she told recently claiming the Trump administration left Biden with no plan for COVID vaccine distribution. Magically, supposedly with no plan at all, one million doses a day were going out before Biden even took the oath, but I digress.


In a press room full of partisan sycophants, Fox News’ Peter Doocy is already standing out as a voice of reason. He asked another tough question today in response to the Biden administration announcing they will impose more travel bans to combat the coronavirus. You’ll recall that Biden once described Trump doing the same thing earlier in the pandemic as “hysterical xenophobia.”

Psaki seemed caught off guard by a question that wasn’t pressing her on what the President’s favorite ice cream flavor is.

Psaki tries to wiggle out of the question by insinuating that Doocy is misrepresenting Biden’s words. Luckily, the receipts have been kept.


Biden’s tweet came hours after Trump put the original travel ban in place. He also chided Trump in a speech on the same day, specifically mentioning the restricted travel from China. Psaki can pretend otherwise, but she’s simply lying to assert Biden didn’t say what he said. Will any fact-checker hit her for it? Don’t hold your breath. The rest of the media in that press room are completely in the tank (save when a few conservative outlets are let in). None of them will press Psaki, none will note that she lied to them (multiple times now in the first few days), and they will all continue to treat her as some truth-telling queen.

Doocy isn’t playing that game, however, and this isn’t the first blow he’s landed since becoming the White House Correspondent for Fox News. And while I’d say he’ll be a thorn in Psaki’s side for a while yet, I suspect she’ll simply start keeping him out of major events and some briefings. If that happens, don’t expect the rest of the press to show an ounce of outrage in response. While Fox News bent the knee to defend CNN’s Jim Acosta’s abhorrent behavior during the Trump years, the favor will never be returned. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.


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