Republican Rep: I May Have Ended My Career By Supporting Impeachment

Photo Courtesy of the Peter Meijer Campaign

You don’t say?

Republican Rep. Peter Meijer has had an epiphany after voting in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump last week. In an interview on George Stephanopoulos’ partisan dump of a show (because where else would this guy get interviewed?), Meijer shared that he “may very well” have ended his political career with the move.

Republican Michigan Rep. Peter Meijer said that his vote to support the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump “may very well have” ended his political career.

In a Sunday appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Meijer was asked by host George Stephanopoulos if he thought he committed “political suicide” with his vote because Trump still “has such a strong hold on the Republican party.”

Honestly, it should end his career. That has nothing to do with supporting or not supporting Donald Trump as a politician. It has to do with the fact that trying to impeach a president based on supposition, supposition that isn’t supported by what we actually know, mind you, is ridiculous. Not only did Trump say in his speech to go protest at the Capitol “peacefully,” we now have evidence that the morons who rushed the building did so as a pre-planned act. Therefore, nothing Trump said could have “incited” them.

Further, the argument that Trump’s previous rhetoric around the election somehow constitutes a call to violence also doesn’t pass muster. Trump spent a lot of time making claims about election fraud, but never did he encourage people to attack the Capitol. So what exactly is Meijer voting to impeach him for? Bad manners? Telling a lie? Is that the standard we really want going forward in regards to impeaching presidents?

This entire exercise is dumb. It’s a total waste of time with no real basis whatsoever. Yes, I realize a lot of right-wing commentators are supporting impeachment and making arguments in favor of it. But they are doing so out of the selfish desire that Trump will be barred from running again in 2024 (via a follow up vote after conviction). I think most of them know there’s no real justification here.

Meijer has to own his vote. We’ll see what his district things of it come 2022. Republicans do not like party members who fold to leftist hysteria. That’s one of the reasons you got Trump in the first place.

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