Is Joe Biden a Gross Racist or Just a Senile Old Kook?

Is Joe Biden a Gross Racist or Just a Senile Old Kook?
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Wokeness is a disease, and that’s never been proven more true than how it has infected what used to be the somewhat sane wing of the Democratic Party. Joe Biden was never anything but a liberal, but believe it or not, there was a time when he and many of his colleagues did abide to some semblance of common sense in pursuit of policy. That meant not politicizing an event like 9/11 for at least the first few months and agreeing that crime was out of control in the 1990s while passing a bill to do something about it. We even managed welfare reform at one point.

Those days are gone though, and the new pursuit is one of disgusting critical race theory disguised as righteous social justice. Biden, despite being a senile old kook who probably couldn’t spell social justice, has felt the need to dive headlong into it’s illiberal idiocies. The latest example comes from a promise he is making to divvy out COVID relief to small businesses based on race.

Let’s talk about why this is absolute garbage.

For one, it’s racist and illegal. This seems to me to be a pretty big violation of the 14th Amendment. Just because you are discriminating against white business owners does not mean said discrimination is suddenly permissible by law. No public official should be basing policy on the color of someone’s skin. I thought we had already learned that lesson here in the United States? But what is old is new again, and Democrats are certain that bringing back racially discriminatory policies is somehow a good thing now.

Secondly, this is just morally wrong outside of the race issue. The lock downs were not race based. Police did not allow white businesses to operate while shutting down black and Latino businesses. The coronavirus hit everyone equally in respect to government crack downs on operations. All businesses pay taxes under the same tax code. It is egregiously wrong and gross to decide that you are going to start picking and choosing who gets relief, much less based on what their race is.

I know it’s spitting into the wind at this point to note, but it legitimately blows my mind that we’ve arrived at a place in this country where this is acceptable rhetoric from a soon to be president. What if Trump had gone out and said he’s going to help white businesses first? Would that go over well? No, it wouldn’t have, nor should it. Instead, he’d have been tarred and feathered as an abject racist abusing his power. But we don’t have to go to a hypothetical with Biden. He’s literally telling us he’s going to apply relief via racism and everyone just shrugs. That’s how pervasive the rot of woke-ism has gotten. It’s absolutely insane, and it’s going to lead to a lot worse things than we saw at the Capitol last week if this continues. Unfortunately, the Democrats are going all in, perhaps because that’s exactly what they want.

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