Andrew Cuomo Finds a New Way to Kill People

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Just this morning, I wrote a piece pointing out Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s terrible leadership. Her state is currently in the throws of a disastrous distribution rollout of the coronavirus vaccine (see Gretchen Whitmer Gets a New Novelty T-Shirt as Vaccine Distribution Collapses in Her State). As you can see, despite the pandemic evolving, the villains stay the same.


In the piece, I noted Whitmer is likely the 3rd worst governor in handling the coronavirus. That means there are worse actors, and the undisputed champion at the top is, of course, New York’s Andrew Cuomo. Just when you thought he might run out of ways to kill people with his inept, sociopathic leadership, he keeps one up himself.

The latest is that he’s so micro-managing distribution and failing at it so thoroughly that clinics are having to flush vaccine doses down the toilet.

This is the danger of top down government in a nut-shell. Cuomo wants prisoners and only certain other groups to be given vaccines right now. That means that perfectly good doses are spoiling when there are plenty of elderly people around, you know, those who are actually at risk, who they could be given too. Unfortunately, woke science says that you’ve gotta give young people the shot first despite the fact that they suffer essentially no real risk from the virus. As has been true from the beginning, it is the elderly with pre-existing conditions (i.e. most of the elderly) who make up the lion’s share of deaths. But to prioritize the old and infirmed would mean not having perfectly healthy people bragging on instagram about getting their vaccine, and we can’t have that, can we?

It gets worse though. Cuomo’s iron grip is so tight that clinics risk fines and closures if he dare stray from the governor’s guidelines on who is allowed to receive the vaccine right now. It’s insane, yet completely predictable.


Well, that makes sense, right?

Cuomo is an awful leader, but he’s worse than that. He’s an egomaniac, and that ego has been built up and fed by a mainstream media that pretends he’s anything other than the worst governor in the country. Meanwhile, they can’t shut up about Gov. Ron DeSantis despite his state having half the per capita deaths and remaining unlocked down for almost the entire pandemic. None of this was ever about science or results to the left and their media allies. It was always about playing politics. Cuomo’s continued death march due to his terrible leadership is the biggest example of that.

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