Gretchen Whitmer Gets a New Novelty T-Shirt as Her State's Vaccine Distribution Collapses

When trying to decide who the worst governor in the country is, there’s a lot of competition. Certainly, Andrew Cuomo of New York has to be at the top of the list given the sheer size of the catastrophe he’s presided over. His response to the coronavirus has been terrible at every turn, including his most recent blunder in which he took personal control of vaccine distribution and is now in the process of completely botching it. Of course, there are others. Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey is right there as well.


Once you move past those two, who is third is fairly easy to ascertain. Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer has been an abject disaster. From the beginning of the pandemic, she has worshiped at the altar of ineffective lock downs while the deaths in her state piled up anyway. Even as it became clear none of her measures were working, she doubled and tripled down. Further, she has taken no personal responsibility for the failures she has presided over.

But if there’s one thing you can say about her, it’s that she knows how to go get a novelty t-shirt printed.

This isn’t her first incursion into this nonsense. Earlier in the year, she wore a shirt that said “that woman” from Michigan after Trump rightly criticized her terrible leadership. Apparently, she thinks this is an effective means of raising her profile? Personally, this seems juvenile and dumb to me, and not just because I disagree with everything she is doing. It’s just logically not a good political strategy.


Of course, the media loved it. Here’s a supposed journalist reacting.

What makes this all the worse is that Whitmer’s state is currently watching its vaccine distribution program collapse because their governor is an absolute moron who spends more time making novelty shirts than making effective policy. Look at these numbers.

Keep in mind, there are only 10 million people in Michigan. Whitmer and her team are sitting on 550,000 doses right now, unable to get them distributed to those most at risk. Just as she botched the nursing home question early on, she’s botching things again, this time without nearly as much room to make excuses. But the media continue to cover for her anyway, proclaiming her as an up and coming Democrat star. It’s disgusting.


This woman is up for re-election in 2022. Her state better think long and hard about whether they want this kind of leadership representing them. If they vote to put her back in office, they continue to own everything she screws up. At some point, voters have to be responsible.

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