Ted Cruz Has an Idea That Trump Needs to Execute Now

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As streiff pointed out yesterday, barring some Deus ex Machina moment, what’s left of Joe Biden (see Joe Biden Shows His Dementia is Going Strong After Triggering Hunter Biden Question) will be sworn in at the end of January.


Despite the smell of fraud in the air and an incredibly unfair media environment where blatant censorship of damaging Biden stories took place, the current reality must be faced. Given that, what Trump does next may be the most important stretch of his presidency. Handcuffing Biden must become the priority, especially since redistricting alone will likely hand Republicans the House in just two years.

On that front, Ted Cruz has an excellent idea that Trump needs to execute now.

Support for this move poured in immediately after Cruz made the suggestion. If Trump submits these deals, allowing McConnell to bring them for a vote where they will be rejected, Biden can be backed into a corner in regards to reinstating them. It will also make it clear that any deal he enters into after will have no teeth or enforcement mechanism. This is especially true for the Paris Accords, which are nothing but a pointless giveaway to China. The United States already leads the world in carbon reductions, to the extent that we should even care about such a thing.


The Iran deal is probably more complicated, as Republicans stupidly (notice the trend) passed a compromise bill back in 2015 that would allow Obama to override Senate disapproval with only 41 votes. Traditionally, a treaty is supposed to garner 2/3s of the Senate to be approved. Whether that would apply to Biden’s attempt at reinstating the deal is not something I know the answer to.

Regardless, McConnell, if he truly cares about stopping Biden’s worst impulses, should be going to Trump right now to ensure Cruz’s idea comes to fruition. Biden has already pledged to enter back into both terrible agreements, both of which should legally require the consent of Congress as treaties. Republicans can’t miss an opportunity like this, nor is any supposed honeymoon period due to Biden.

Cruz is right. Submit both the Iran Deal and Paris Accords to the Senate now, before it’s too late.

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