Joe Biden Shows His Dementia Is Going Strong After Triggering Hunter Biden Question

Joe Biden Shows His Dementia Is Going Strong After Triggering Hunter Biden Question
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Remember that Seinfeld episode where George is lying facedown on the floor, pants around his ankles, and Jerry sarcastically proclaims “and you want to be my latex salesman?” Replace George with Joe Biden and being a latex salesman with being president, and the question has never been more pertinent. Every time I see Biden stumble around in public, I can’t help but ask “this guy wants to be my president?”

Biden’s probably dementia ridden brain was on full display today as he gave prepared remarks. Fox News’ Peter Doocy dared to ask him about Hunter Biden, who is currently under multiple federal criminal investigations. Biden attempted an insult, but he couldn’t stick the landing.

What the heck is a “one horse pony?” And why is he laughing? Does he think his son’s corrupt conduct, some of which could land him in jail, is funny? Further, why is no other “journalist” that is following him around as part of the press pool asking him these questions? Why is it left up to Doocy to be the only one? Oh, who am I kidding. We know the answer to that.

Biden is not here. I mean, he’s here, but he’s not here. This is a man who can’t even deliver a routine quip without screwing it up. He routinely loses his train of thought and muddles his words. He doesn’t even appear to know the names of people he’s appointing to powerful positions (see Joe Biden’s Latest Speech Shows the Democrat Bait and Switch is a Scandal).

Even on substance, this Biden exchange is nuts. How can he still believe the stories about his son are “Russian misinformation?” That’s not the position of a man still in control of all his mental faculties. Hunter Biden’s actions are public record to such an extent that even the careerists at the DOJ and FBI can’t look the other way. It’s been completely debunked that the Russians had anything to do with any of this. Yet, there’s Biden repeating an obvious lie and the rest of the media just shrug.

The next four years are going to be a nightmare, not because of what Biden will do, but because of what his condition will allow others to do. This guy is just a stand in at this point.

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